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March Newsletter

March 27, 2014

Unico System to Launch New Website!

We are very excited to let you know that we will be launching a brand new website this weekend! The address stays the same,, but the content and look will be very new.

The purpose of this website will be to deliver information to the end-user in a very straight-forward way, yet have it look visually pleasing at the same time.

We are planning to have this launched this upcoming weekend. We ask that you stop by in the next few days or so to check it out!

And as always, we value your opinions so please send us a note about what you think and if there is anything you feel we could add to make it better.

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February Newsletter

March 13, 2014

Recently, at the AHR Expo, we launched two brand new products to the North American market – the iSeries Product line and the Vertical Air Handler.

The iSeries line features outdoor inverter units which are very energy efficient and can connect to either the Unico System, iSeries indoor mini-split units, or both! At this time there are two outdoor units, a 2.5 ton and 3.5 ton model, and two indoor mini-split units, which are one and two ton models.

The Vertical Air Handler is designed for closets and has both the blower and coil in one unit, allowing for easy installation. The unit comes standard with our E.C. variable speed motor and control box, which allows for unrivaled control and maximum comfort.

Both of these products will launch across the USA and Canada in May 2014, so stay tuned for more information soon.

Unico February Newsletter

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