Register Your Unico System for Warranty

Unico, Inc. manufactures the finest heating and cooling product available and is proud to offer the following Warranty program:

  • One Year: Our standard warranty on all Unico System parts and pieces is one full year from the date of installation.
  • Five Year: Unico, Inc. is pleased to extend our limited parts warranty for an additional four years when a Unico Preferred Contractor installs your system. The four year extension is applicable only to The Unico System serial numbered products.
  • Ten Year: When your system is installed by a Unico Preferred Contractor and registered within 90 days of install, Unico will extend the warranty for an additional five years. Giving you, the consumer, a Unico System 10-year Limited Parts Warranty. An installed system must include a blower and coil to qualify for this extended warranty. 


NOTE: If registering an installation in Canada, please use this registration form.

Online Form Maker

Attention property owners/non-resident owners: Please note that the warranty for Unico equipment is non-transferable.

If you are registering a system for a property that you will not own/plan to sell within six months, please register as a "Property Owner" in the Installation Type field.

Your warranty will be a one-year warranty, and then, within six months of the registration date, you provide the name and contact information for the new homeowner, he/she will receive the balance of the Unico warranty.

We do not want the new homeowner to have any issues after they purchase the home, so please do not register yourself as the "Homeowner" or "Residential". If you do this, and the new homeowner needs to submit a warranty claim, they will be told that the warranty is null and void since it is non-transferable.