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*Insulation is ordered separately but shipped assembled. They are not available individually.

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Coil Assy, Chilled Water, 1218 Drain Pan Assembly, M1218 UTrap, Condensate, Seamless, 1/2" Keeper, Draw Latch Keeper, Latch Door Panel, Access, CW Coil, 1218 Insulation, Access, CWC, M1218 Door Panel, Access, Coil, M1218 Insulation, .75 x 0.88 x 14.75 Flange, Hook, M1218
Part #
#  1
Chilled Water Coil, M1218CL1-C/U1218, Coil Only
#  2
Primary Drain Pan Kit, U1218
#  3
Draw Latch
#  4
Draw Latch Keeper