Advantages of a Mini Duct Heating System

When comparing home HVAC options, the advantages of a mini duct heating system stand out from other options. Homes with The Unico System experience a more comfortable, draft free experience in every room.

No matter where you live, The Unico System can make your home more comfortable as the weather gets colder. Whether you’re replacing your current system or looking to supplement your existing heating system, Unico works in every home.


Air-tight. Traditional, wide duct systems leak air and lose heat no matter how they’re installed. Mini duct air supply tubes have an airtight fit. That means 100% of the warm air reaches every room in your house, delivering comfort—wherever you sit.

Draft-free. A mini duct heating system eliminates drafts. That means no more chills down the back of your neck when your heat isn’t running. Air is heated inside the central system and released at a slightly higher temperature to create an even warmth. Unwanted drafts often start with outdoor and basement heating units that need to work harder and often fail to warm the cold air coming into the system.

Whisper-quiet. Unico System customers often forget their system is running because it’s whisper quiet. Engineered with special sound-absorbing air supply tubing means there’s no creaking or vibrating when the system turns on. Traditional wide ducting isn’t insulated and acts like mini echo chambers throughout your home. The small Unico central system can be tucked away in the attic or closet unlike mini split systems, which rattle and croak from the wall of every room they’re installed in.

No more dry air. With a mini duct heating system from Unico, you can say goodbye to dry skin and air that comes with traditional heating systems. The Unico System is a closed system that warms air from within your home without drying it out. Dry air dehydrates your nose, making you more susceptible to viruses and other contagions. Combined with our new ultraviolet (UV) light add-on option, you can have the healthiest home on the block this cold and flu season.


Ultraviolet light. When installed with a UV light, The Unico System penetrates and kills harmful bacteria and viruses as it delivers clean air throughout your home. UV lights have been used in hospitals and water treatment plants for years, and now you can have the same benefits in your home.

Air filtration. Are allergies a concern? If so, The Unico System has an air filter rated MERV 13, which filters out particles as small as 3 microns, including pollen, dust, and other allergens. Why is MERV 13 important? That’s the standard hospitals use when rating their air systems. Because Unico is a compact system with small air registers, it traps more dust and allergens in the system compared to traditional and mini-split systems.


Efficient supplemental system. Even in colder climates where homeowners rely on gas furnaces and radiators, Unico can improve home comfort, particularly in early fall and late spring when traditional systems are less efficient. When paired with a heat pump or with the electric furnace that can be placed directly within the plenum, the Unico electric duct heater provides immediate heat. Plus, Unico also delivers the same whole home comfort in the summer when it’s time to turn on your air conditioner.

Small spaces. With its small air register and mini ducts, The Unico System fits in every house without requiring major renovation—even historic homes. Unico’s air supply tubing is flexible and can be inserted into existing tight spaces without tearing up walls and ceilings. This makes Unico the best choice for historic or older homes where you want to maintain the home’s character and don’t want to add bulky systems.

Completely customizable. Unico’s SMART Control Board delivers consistent temperature in every room, even rooms that always seem to be warmer or cooler than the rest of the house. The electronically commutated (E.C.) motor controls the fan speed and can be adjusted to provide a consistent flow of comfortable air while ensuring whisper-quiet operation.

Unobtrusive. No one wants to have the central air be the focus of the home. Most people would prefer to have a comfortable home with the system working in the background. Mini duct heating is unobtrusive because it has a minimal visual impact with outlets only 2” to 2.5” in diameter. By contrast, wide ducted systems often have vents that are 13” wide, and ductless systems need to be mounted on the wall in every room. Unico takes its small impact even further with customizable outlet covers that match the material of the walls, floors or ceilings, complementing the décor.

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