On the fence about getting a small-duct system?

June 27, 2016

You’ve heard about the Unico System, perused our website, and educated yourself on the advantages of small-duct HVAC.

You know The Unico System is energy-efficient, quiet, and hides discreetly in small spaces so that you can preserve your home’s special architectural features like high ceilings and lovely moldings. You’re thrilled to learn that no drop ceilings or soffits are needed, and the installation itself has a minimal impact in homes.

But you’re just not sure if small-duct is really everything it seems to be. It’s time to get answers! Our technical and sales staff at Unico are anxious to connect with you and answer your questions! We provide excellent training and support so that every Unico installation is successful and leads to happy customers.

We might also suggest that you reach out directly to one of our Preferred Unico Contractors in your area. In order to qualify to be on this list, each contractor must complete Unico’s online and in-person training sessions and reviews, and meet requirements for a minimum number of installations.