Beautiful Installations

Just look at these stunning installs!

Though their styles are different, one thing they have in common is how the Unico System brought modern comfort to them without disrupting their distinctive beauty. Click through each category below to get the full story of unique Unico installations.


Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Historic Home

HVAC Distributor Trusts Small-Duct System for His Wright Inspired Historic Home.

Arts & Crafts Home Addition

Arts & Crafts Home Addition Beautifully Blends Old with New

Woodland House (Kohler, WI)

Showcase Home Demonstrates Modern Elegance in Superior Comfort

Truesdale Beach House (Westchester County, NY)

Award-Winning Beach House Renovation Features High-Efficiency, Space-Saving HVAC

White Plains (White Plains, NY)

The homeowners were looking for a whole house central heating and air conditioning system that could condition two floors of living space. Scott Kelly, owner of Sunrise Heating & Cooling, quoted the Unico System

Carriage House (St. Louis, MO)

Modern Comfort Enhances Carriage House Bed & Breakfast in Historic Neighborhood

Sound Associates (Yonkers, NY)

Sound Studio located in Yonkers, NY.

Cloudland Station Cottage (Chickmauga, GA)

"This Old House" Partners with Unico for The Cottage at Cloudland Station

DeSantis Property (Providence, RI)

Savvy Property Owner Gets "Hands On" With Help from Unico

Hemingway House (Key West, FL)

The Historic Hemingway House on Key West: A Cool Step Back in Time

Rustic Cabin (Whitefish, MT)

"Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above..." Small Duct System Enhances "Rustic Chic" of Montana Cabin

Industry 80 Hair Salon (Tuckahoe, NY)

Historic Train Station is Transformed into Modern, High-End Hair Salon

LaMotta Residence (Queens, NY)

Custom Home Features Unencumbered Comfort

Hempstead House (Long Island, NY)

Modern Comfort Comes to Gatsby Era Gold Coast Mansion

VUE Newport Marina Condos (Newport Beach, CA)

Marina Condos Keep Cool Where the Water Laps at Luxury

Notting Hill Office (London, UK)

Notting Hill Renovation Required Multiple Heating and Cooling Solutions

Leung Apartment (Beijing, China)

Luxury Apartment Presents the Face of Unico in China

Tithe Barn (Surrey, UK)

Small Duct System Preserves British History While Adding Modern Heating

Fifteen Restaurant (London, UK)

James Oliver's Fifteen Restaurant in Cornwall Serves Up Unique Atmosphere

easyHotel (London, UK)

Space-Saving Heating & Cooling System Eliminates Complaints from Hotel Guests

Belgravia Townhouse (London, UK)

Efficiency and Elegance Fit Together in High-End London Townhouse

Glass-Walled California Home (Sherman Oaks, CA)

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls and sliding doors beautifully conceals its HVAC system.

California Eichler Home (Marin County, CA)

The Unico System for Eichler Homes: Visionary Indoor Comfort System Complements & Preserves Visionary Design

Winitch Home (Scarsdale, NY)

The beautiful homes in Scarsdale, NY demand the highest quality when it comes to renovations.

Colorado Barrel Vault Home (Denver, CO)

Small-Duct Comfort Done Right in the Colorado Rockies. Custom Home Owners Upgrade HVAC with Unico

Lucas Luxury Condos (Boston, MA)

Reaching Toward Heaven in Boston’s Back Bay Iconic 19th-Century Catholic Church Transformed into Luxury Condominiums

Korean Golf Range (South Korea)

Comfort Now Par for the Course at State-of-the-Art Driving Range

President Lincoln's Cottage (Washington, DC)

Everyone involved in the project was extremely pleased with the final installation. As a new user of The Unico System, Staley was very complimentary. He said, “It is one of the most straightforward systems I have ever used. We had no problems getting it started up, and it’s a very quiet system – the perfect solution for President Lincoln’s Cottage.”

Petersen Home (Washington, DC)

Across the street from Ford's Theater, the location of President Lincoln's assassination, sits this row house that the President was brought to after he was shot, and where he would later pass away. The home is now a museum that, 150 years later, for the most part has gone unchanged, except for the installation of the Unico System.

Truman White House (Key West, FL)

Once the system was in place, a specially designed UTrap was connected to the air handling in the attic for 30 percent more humidity removal throughout the home. This extra piece was a necessity to ensure all important items present in the museum would be protected for years to come.

Warren AFB (Cheyenne, WY)

The project also utilizes Unico’s 2.5” outlets. For higher elevation projects, especially above 4,000 ft like this installation, air density becomes lower, meaning the system needs to push more air than it would normally at lower elevations.

Reviving Monson Main Street (Monson, ME)

Faltering After Plant’s Closing, Maine Town is Resurrected as Artists’ Colony

Resonance House (Lexington, KY)

The use of The Unico System presented a unique opportunity in the LEED certification process because the traditional heating and cooling requirements did not account for small-duct, high-velocity systems.

Showcase Projects

The Unico System has been installed in some pretty impressive places. Here are a few of the more notable installations.

Finished Room Gallery