Beautiful Installations

Just look at these stunning homes! Though their styles are different, one thing they have in common is how the Unico System brought modern comfort to them without disrupting their distinctive beauty. Click through each category below to get the full story of unique Unico installations.


Arts & Crafts Home Addition (Minneapolis, MN)

Arts & Crafts Home Addition Beautifully Blends Old with New

Woodland House (Kohler, WI)

Showcase Home Demonstrates Modern Elegance in Superior Comfort

Truesdale Beach House (Westchester County, NY)

Award-Winning Beach House Renovation Features High-Efficiency, Space-Saving HVAC

White Plains (White Plains, NY)

The homeowners were looking for a whole house central heating and air conditioning system that could condition two floors of living space. Scott Kelly, owner of Sunrise Heating & Cooling, quoted the Unico System

Carriage House (St. Louis, MO)

Modern Comfort Enhances Carriage House Bed & Breakfast in Historic Neighborhood

Sound Associates (Yonkers, NY)

Sound Studio located in Yonkers, NY.

Cloudland Station Cottage (Chickmauga, GA)

"This Old House" Partners with Unico for The Cottage at Cloudland Station

DeSantis Property (Providence, RI)

Savvy Property Owner Gets "Hands On" With Help from Unico

Hemingway House (Key West, FL)

The Historic Hemingway House on Key West: A Cool Step Back in Time

Rustic Cabin (Whitefish, MT)

"Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above..." Small Duct System Enhances "Rustic Chic" of Montana Cabin

Industry 80 Hair Salon (Tuckahoe, NY)

Historic Train Station is Transformed into Modern, High-End Hair Salon

LaMotta Residence (Queens, NY)

Custom Home Features Unencumbered Comfort

Hempstead House (Long Island, NY)

Modern Comfort Comes to Gatsby Era Gold Coast Mansion

VUE Newport Marina Condos (Newport Beach, CA)

Marina Condos Keep Cool Where the Water Laps at Luxury

Notting Hill Office (London, UK)

Notting Hill Renovation Required Multiple Heating and Cooling Solutions

Leung Apartment (Beijing, China)

Luxury Apartment Presents the Face of Unico in China

Tithe Barn (Surrey, UK)

Small Duct System Preserves British History While Adding Modern Heating

Fifteen Restaurant (London, UK)

James Oliver's Fifteen Restaurant in Cornwall Serves Up Unique Atmosphere

easyHotel (London, UK)

Space-Saving Heating & Cooling System Eliminates Complaints from Hotel Guests

Belgravia Townhouse (London, UK)

Efficiency and Elegance Fit Together in High-End London Townhouse

Glass-Walled California Home (Sherman Oaks, CA)

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls and sliding doors beautifully conceals its HVAC system.

California Eichler Home (Sacramento, CA)

The Unico System for Eichler Homes: Visionary Indoor Comfort System Complements & Preserves Visionary Design

Winitch Home (Scarsdale, NY)

The beautiful homes in Scarsdale, NY demand the highest quality when it comes to renovations.

Colorado Barrel Vault Home (Denver, CO)

Small-Duct Comfort Done Right in the Colorado Rockies. Custom Home Owners Upgrade HVAC with Unico

Lucas Luxury Condos (Boston, MA)

Reaching Toward Heaven in Boston’s Back Bay Iconic 19th-Century Catholic Church Transformed into Luxury Condominiums

The Danish School

The Danish School - Frederiksted, St. Croix, VI

Petersen Home (Washington, DC)

Across the street from Ford's Theater, the location of President Lincoln's assassination, sits this row house that the President was brought to after he was shot, and where he would later pass away. The home is now a museum that, 150 years later, for the most part has gone unchanged, except for the installation of the Unico System.

Chest Clinic (St. Louis, MO)

This challenging case required maintaining comfortable temperatures while keeping bacteria at safe levels.

Clean Room at Caterpillar Plant (Lafayette, IN)

The Unico System passes the tests of advanced technology in this clean room installation in a Caterpillar plant—the first of many for this Midwest contractor.

Riverview Funeral Home (Troy, NY)

The Riverview Funeral Home in Troy, New York was suffering from both poor heating and cooling conditions. Hot spots and cold spots marked the funeral home, and spatial problems did not allow the option of a traditional heating system.

Glacier Quilts (Kalispell, MT)

Glacier Quilts wanted to upgrade from the forced air furnaces they used at the old location where employees experienced hot and cold flashes all day when they relocated their facilities to a brand new, free standing, 5,800 square-foot store.

Industry 80 Hair Salon (Tuckahoe, NY)

This upscale hair salon housed a in former train substation in Tuckahoe, NY, wanted an HVAC system that could not only give it the right look, but be energy efficient as well.

Leddy Center (Epping, NH)

The Unico System was installed in this new theater to reduce the $5,000 per year oil costs by 30%.

Residential Application (Bakersfield, CA)

The Unico System’s flexible mini-ducts made the long runs to the bedroom locations easy to install and provided adequate airflow to serve the remote locations.

St. Matthew's Church (Oconomowoc, WI)

There simply was no place to route ductwork in a manner that would not ruin this building’s beauty. But Schulte and Sons Heating knew that the Unico System was the only way to go.

New Construction (Quechee, VT)

Because of the small diameter ducts, superior quality, and virtually no duct leakage, it was the perfect choice for this installation.

Residential Application (Glencoe, IL)

In the North Shore suburb of Glencoe, Ill., the Rochman family made the decision to ensure that the breathtaking chill outside didn't invade their new 5,600-square-foot home.

Resonance House (Lexington, KY)

The use of The Unico System presented a unique opportunity in the LEED certification process because the traditional heating and cooling requirements did not account for small-duct, high-velocity systems.

Custom Home (Washington, DC)

Unico was an ideal solution because its ductwork could fit in very tight spaces without being exposed. The air handling unit fits into an area above the third-floor bathroom and serves 1,000 square feet on the two floors below. These two floors include the bedrooms and the main living area with the living room, dining room and kitchen.

Marylhurst University (Marylhurst, OR)

Marylhurst University was faced with the issue of replacing the central plant steam boiler and adding air conditioning for the historic BP John Administration building and classrooms.

Residential Application (Mesa, AZ)

In August of 1997, Dr. and Mrs. Burton Marcus contacted Unico, Inc. to request that the Unico System be installed in their new winter residence to be built in Mesa, AZ. Dr. and Mrs. Marcus, residents of Columbia County, NY, had installed the Unico System in their home there some five years prior and having been impressed with the superior comfort provided by the system, had insisted that it also be used for their new custom crafted home.

Mayo Mechanical (Laguna Beach, CA)

The Unico System is the perfect solution for this small office's heating and cooling needs.

Borducci Wine Cellar (Bronxville, NY)

Previously, Mr. Borducci had a Unico System installed in his home by Matt & Mike Carlo at Innovative Air Solutions. Mr. Borducci knew that the small size and great performance of The Unico System would be exactly what he needed to keep his wine at just the right temperatures.

Pasadena Public Library: Allendale Branch (Pasadena, CA)

The existing ductwork proved inaccessible in this 1950 era adobe building. The Unico System proved to be the perfect solution to this problem.

R.E. Michel Co. (Richmond, VA)

Suspended ductwork in this 15,000 sq ft counter and showroom make this an interesting case.

Fiore Home (Scarsdale, NY)

When the owners of this 1,700 sq. ft. home in Scarsdale, NY decided that they were tired of their unsightly window units, they contacted Unique Indoor Comfort to come up with a central HVAC solution.

Bernstein Home (Hanover, NH)

If not for Eugene Boisvert and The Unico System, the homeowner would have had to redo a lot of the already completed work to accommodate bulky, traditional ductwork.

Forest Heights (New Rochelle, NY)

The homeowners were not only thinking of adding air conditioning, but completely updating the heating system as well. Scott Kelly of Sunrise Heating & Cooling suggested the Unico System and the homeowners agreed. Scott got started immediately.

Carlos Home (Larchmont, NY)

The owners were able to finally get central air conditioning for their home and did not have to modify the interior to fit large ducts.

Donahue Home (Hanover, NH)

With such a beautiful living room, it’s important that the HVAC is an afterthought and not noticed and The Unico System has accomplished just that.

Oxford Home (New Rochelle, NY)

The homeowners are ecstatic. Not only did they get the kitchen they were after, but they also got a central heating and air conditioning system that didn't require them to have very much additional construction.

Moderelli Home (Shelter Island, NY)

Because the homeowners love the size, performance and efficiency of the Unico System in their main home, they wanted another one in their summer home.

Trumble Residence (Belle Isle, FL)

The fact that these two buildings were constructed separately, at different times and on different levels, without the idea of ever being hooked together or interconnected presented the biggest challenge to the contractor.

Olsen Home (Larchmont, NY)

The owner has peace of mind that the installation was done correctly and the unit will run trouble free for years to come.

Bauer Home (St. Louis, MO)

“It is remarkable the comfort those little vents give you,” said Bauer. “We love our Unico System because it is extremely quiet, it excels at cooling. Even in the high humidity of St. Louis summers, our house is extremely comfortable. We love that Unico is helping us enjoy our urban experience.”

Designer Show Home (Cape May, NJ)

When it came time to install a state-of-the-art HVAC system, the home’s new owner contacted Grace Energy in Rio Grande, NJ. Dan Glaze was the service manager on the project, and stepped up to the challenge of modernizing the home’s HVAC system without compromising its aesthetics.

Roxbury Condominiums (Los Angeles, CA)

These high end condos cater to the rich and famous, promising 5 star hotel treatment such as concierge service that greets you daily, a garden court-yard, and even a complete gym among other amenities.

Stinson Beach Library (Marin, CA)

A small-town public library located in a quiet, coastal resort village just 30 minutes north of San Francisco. The climate is damp, with cool evening breezes and ocean fog adding to the humidity of warm, sunny days.

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Visitor Center (Washington, DC)

A total of 62 outlets were placed throughout the building to provide maximum comfort, while remaining completely unobtrusive as they blend into the décor.

Happy Days Lodge (Brecksville, OH)

“We had limited areas where we could install the equipment and with traditional duct work measuring 22”, we thought that would take away from the historic look of the building and would be too invasive.” Luckily, James had a solution.

Wierenga Residence (Hastings on Hudson, NY)

The homeowner was tired of high heating bills and wanted to upgrade the old system with something more efficient, yet didn't want to sacrifice any more room.

Whipple Home (Bronxville, NY)

The homeowner will be very happy with her Unico System. Not only does she finally central air conditioning that’s very efficient, the home didn't have to lose any of it’s historic ambiance by installing soffits or drop ceilings.

English Garden Style Manor (Spring Lake, NJ)

Because of The Unico System, the owners were able to install an energy efficient central HVAC system in their historic home without destroying the original architecture, which is exactly what they wanted. When asked what the owners thought of the install Tom said, “The owners are very pleased.”

Ephrata Performing Arts Center (Ephrata, PA)

The addition of the Unico System provides superior indoor comfort for the audience and performers alike.

Flower Hill Museum (Austin, TX)

By selecting The Unico System, Comfort Systems was able to provide Ms. Smoot and visitors to the Flower Hill Museum a more comfortable indoor experience. Ms. Smoot was so pleased with how The Unico System maintained the historic character and charm of her home, she only wished her ancestors could have shared the enjoyment of this very unique style of comfort.

Hall Residence (Waccabuc, NY)

When a home has stood for virtually 200 years you want to keep as much of the historic ambience as possible. But, at the same time, homeowners want the modern conveniences such as air conditioning. The Unico System made it possible for the Hall family to keep the old world charm of their home, yet finally be able to be comfortable as well.

Orrin Hoadley House (Branford, CT)

Although they have yet to complete their first season with the new system, the homeowners are already happy with the results they’ve seen. “We’re very happy that The Unico System was able to be installed with minimal impact on our home.” Now, 270 years later, this relic finally has the upgrades it needs to be not just a historic house, but a historic home.

Historic Cape Home (Mt. Kisco, NY)

A quiet community in Westchester County, NY, Mount Kisco has about 10,000 residents and about 4,000 homes. A lot of these are older, historic Cape homes too. This means that there is little attic space available for not only ductwork, but the actual system as well. So, when the homeowners decided to add a new central air conditioning system, the installing contractor was going to have a bit of a challenge.

Historic 1910 Home (Richmond, VA)

Built nearly entirely out of concrete, 100 years ago these types of homes were typically inhabited by the very wealthy. Built to stand the test of time, this home has certainly achieved that goal, yet it needed the upgraded amenities that are found in today’s homes.

Lattis Home (Yorktown Heights, NY)

Recent empty nesters, the owners of this large home in Yorktown Heights, NY. were looking to upgrade their heating and cooling system. Because there is only two of them though, they didn't want a system that would continuously heat and cool all over the house, especially because most of the time they’re using just half the house. After many unsuccessful bids from other contractors for conventional equipment, Sunrise Heating and Cooling came in with a different option—The Unico System.

Marcora Home (Rye, NY)

The owners of this 1920’s Tudor style home moved in early in 2010. Later that year, they suffered through a long scorching summer with no air conditioning. Vowing not to go through that again, they contacted Scott Kelly with Sunrise Heating & Cooling to come and provide them with some relief.

Minnesota Birth Center (Minneapolis, MN)

Building this facility out of a 100 year old three story building certainly didn't come with out challenges. The home was completely gutted and remodeled to create a more modern feel, which of course meant installing central air conditioning. The owner of the facility didn't want to disturb the historic feel of the building with large ductwork though. For this, Midland Heating and Air Conditioning were brought in because of their innovative solution for the HVAC—The Unico System.

President Lincoln's Cottage (Washington, DC)

Everyone involved in the project was extremely pleased with the final installation. As a new user of The Unico System, Staley was very complimentary. He said, “It is one of the most straightforward systems I have ever used. We had no problems getting it started up, and it’s a very quiet system – the perfect solution for President Lincoln’s Cottage.”

Truman White House (Key West, FL)

Once the system was in place, a specially designed UTrap was connected to the air handling in the attic for 30 percent more humidity removal throughout the home. This extra piece was a necessity to ensure all important items present in the museum would be protected for years to come.

Warren AFB (Cheyenne, WY)

The project also utilizes Unico’s 2.5” outlets. For higher elevation projects, especially above 4,000 ft like this installation, air density becomes lower, meaning the system needs to push more air than it would normally at lower elevations.

Chough Residence (Los Angeles, CA)

The Chough Residence underwent a full renovation and an addition which included new heating & air conditioning. With more than 6000 sq. ft. of floor area and no attic space, the challenge was how to condition the structure and comply with the Scenic Parkway Ordinance.

Cooper Home (Scarsdale, NY)

As the owners of this 1920’s colonial were remodeling their basement to turn it into a playroom, they decided that it was also time to upgrade the air conditioning as well. They were tired of using the window units left by the old owners. They wanted central air conditioning without having to add soffits or drop ceilings either.

Dairy Barn Home (Cincinnati, OH)

The Unico System was chosen for its versatility of installation. The project was complex in its installation due to virtually no space for traditional duct work. The homeowner wanted to have the advantage of a system that could deliver fantastic results for both heating and cooling, with little or no aesthetic effect on the home’s interior.

Kilmer Home (Larchmont, NY)

After the new owners of this late1920’s Mediterranean home moved in, they looked to upgrade the heating and air conditioning to more modern and efficient equipment. Of course, being an older home with limited access and space, they thought installing new equipment may be a challenge.

Country Club (LaCanada Flintridge, CA)

This classic 50 year old mid-century clubhouse has extensive banquet facilities available to the public for weddings and other functions. Most rooms are graced by floor-to-ceiling wrap around glass and feature spectacular views of L.A., the Pasadena skyline and the San Gabriel Mountains.

Lake Michigan Home (Chicago, IL)

The Unico System has been a staple in this area of Chicago for over 25 years, with homeowners asking for THE system that can cool these large homes and do it without sacrificing the architectural integrity these homes have come to be known for.

Migani Home (New Haven, CT)

Upon hearing about Giulia, Arendholz decided that this family needed a superior system to aid in the little girl’s road to recovery. In response to the family’s needs, Unico donated two Unico Systems, one for the first floor and one for the second floor of the Migani home.

Modern Home (Chevy Chase, MD)

Chevy Chase, MD., is a small, comfortable community known for its traditional colonial homes. One new resident decided to take a different approach, building a modern home that features a combination of stone, glass and copper.

Monolithic Dome Home (Clyde, NC)

Faced with the task of heating and cooling a 5,300-square-foot monolithic dome home, GLC Services had numerous challenges to consider.

Reynolds Home (Bronxville, NY)

The Reynolds were already familiar with The Unico System. They previously had Unico installed in their primary home in Rye, NY., which was also installed by Innovative Air Solutions. According to Matt Carlo, “They loved the Unico System in their main house.”

Shawnee Home (Scarsdale, NY)

The homeowners also had worries about the indoor air quality, which Scott addressed. With The Unico System’s high velocity air stream, it makes it very difficult for dust to accumulate in the ducts, thus increasing the quality of air, especially when used with a good filter.

Carmarthen Hospital, Baby Care Unit (Carmarthen, Wales)

When considering heating and cooling systems, hospital managers need to be aware of many considerations and these are never more critical than in a special baby care unit (SBCU).

Choice Clothing Store (London, England)

In the retail world, attractive merchandising and an inviting customer environment are considered essential to sales success. Contractor J C Watson has been responsible for helping to create exactly the right in-store environment for a chain of high quality designer clothes outlets, Choice.

Cliff Hotel (Ceredigion, Wales)

Cliff Hotel is set on the Pembrokeshire Heritage Coastline, a setting where people can enjoy magnificent, far-reaching views of Cardigan bay in a peaceful, luxurious setting.

Confetti School of Recording Technology (Nottingham, England)

The highly successful Confetti School of Recording Technology in Nottingham provides Sound Engineering, Sound and Moving-Image Technology courses.

easyHotel Group (London, England)

The world famous easy brand has earned its place through providing value with service. Its recently launched chain of hotels, run through franchises, is no exception and the Group’s flagship hotel in London is fitted with Unico Systems, providing heating and cooling for the best comfort, whilst keeping running costs to a minimum.

Heron's Wood (Exmouth, England)

A dream home, built on the beachfront at Exmouth, Devon, has a Unico System at its core and featured on the Grand Designs television programme.

Jack Straw's Castle (London, England)

At the almost legendary eighteenth century coaching inn, Jack Straw's Castle, on Hampstead Heath, luxury apartments are being developed. The Unico System proves that homes with air conditioning are viable and the installation does not have to be noisy, expensive or unsightly.

Lancaster Gate Apartments (London, England)

Developer ISIS International has installed twenty one Unico System mini-duct high performance central cooling and heating systems at new luxury apartments in Lancaster Gate, London. This is a high profile development with apartments expected to sell at the higher end of the London market.

Leys Farm (Near Slough, England)

When Bruno Prior was looking at heating systems to make his modern barn conversion in Berkshire complete, he wanted something that would provide advanced comfort levels but which would not make a disproportionate use of the planet's energy resources.

Shipwrights Drive Residence (Benfleet, Essex)

When interior designer Steven Thorne created the high end refurbishment for his client, he wanted to provide them with the ultimate in comfort whilst blending in perfectly with his exquisite designs.

SKF Bearings Factory (Gloucestershire, England)

Manufacturing high-performance bearings generates massive quantities of waste heat, providing a golden opportunity to cut fuel bills and contribute to sustainability by recycling the energy.

The Warehouse (Carmarthen, Wales)

It is always satisfying to see a town's heritage being protected, particularly when it involves the sympathetic conversion of redundant industrial buildings into high quality, energy-efficient examples of modern living.

The White House (Midlands, England)

Louise Bunting knew she had taken on a challenge when she bought The White House. After careful consideration of the heating systems on offer, she convinced that a Unico system offered the best way forward.

Victorian Home (Near Manchester, England)

The restoration of this magnificent Victorian semi-detached home is taking place in Didsbury near Manchester and is located on Old Broadway.