Bernstein Home (Hanover, NH)


When the owner of this 4300 sq. ft. home decided that he wanted to renovate this contemporary home near Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, the HVAC wasn't exactly at the top of his concerns. Once the home was complete, however, the problems associated with air conditioning started to arise. First, he found that the third floor was very hot during the summer months, leaving him too uncomfortable to enjoy his newly renovated rooms. Unfortunately though, high temperatures were not his only problem. He found that his newly finished basement had moisture levels high enough to potentially be damaging. He couldn't live with the oppressive heat and he certainly couldn't live knowing that his basement could develop mold or mildew problems if left unfixed. Realizing his renovation wasn't quite complete, he made the call to Eugene Boisvert.


Eugene Boisvert Plumbing & Heating has been serving the Upper Valley for over 60 years. They are no strangers to problems associated with heating and air conditioning and knew how to help their customers. The problem they faced, was that this was a newly remodeled home, and there was not much space left for standard air conditioning. Realizing that they would have to tear up the home in order to add air conditioning, they had to find another way. It became clear that The Unico System was the perfect solution.

Eugene and his team installed a Unico 5 ton blower and coil with 32 outlets to cool the very hot third floor and keep the second level comfortable as well. One problem remained though; how to keep the moisture from becoming a bigger problem than it already was.

Gene and his team devised a plan to use the return air system. Drawing the return air completely from the basement keeps the air moving and eliminates the moisture build up. And, as that air goes over the Unico coil, a lot of the remaining moisture is drawn out of the air.


The homeowner is very happy with the performance. There isn’t any moisture in his basement and his upper floors are as comfortable as he dreamed them to be before the renovation began. If not for Eugene Boisvert and The Unico System, the homeowner would have had to redo a lot of the already completed work to accommodate bulky, traditional ductwork. Fortunately, the homeowner can rest easy knowing his renovation is complete and his problems are finally resolved.