White Plains (White Plains, NY)

White Plains Tudor Home Exterior


This home is a Tudor style home built in the 1920’s and is located in White Plains, NY., which is an affluent area in Westchester County just north of New York City.

In those days, air conditioning wasn't even thought of, but these days, nearly 100 years later, air conditioning is a necessity. Because of this, the homeowners contacted several contractors for bids to have central air installed.

The homeowners were looking for a whole house central heating and air conditioning system that could condition two floors of living space. The other contractors suggested one system for each floor. Scott Kelly, owner of Sunrise Heating & Cooling quoted one Unico System E.C. to be installed into the attic, which would then be set with each floor being a different zone. The homeowners had their doubts, but decided to use Sunrise Heating & Cooling

Sunrise Heating & Cooling is one of the premier contractors that installs the Unico System in the New York area and has been installing the Unico System for many years now.


Scott admits “This was slightly intimidating. The homeowners were skeptical that we could zone the entire two story house with just one system when the other contractors quoted two.”

Scott was able to accomplish this due to the variable speed operation of the E.C. motor and software, and a 2-speed condensing unit outside. This set up gave Scott exactly the control he needed to set the air speed for the two zones.

“It’s a great feature of the E.C. Software to be able to simply plug our laptop into the S.M.A.R.T. control board and adjust the system pressure perfectly to get it as efficient and quiet as possible,” says Scott.

Scott then routed the duct work throughout the home with ease. Scott adds, “We found lots of hidden space and voids inside the house which allowed us to easily weave the small duct work throughout the entire home.”

After commissioning the system, Scott went back to the home to see how it was functioning. After a little feedback from the homeowners, he was able to dial the blower speeds down even further, which made the system even more quiet than it already was.


“The homeowners were impressed by the ability of the Unico System to zone their house with just one system, and they were happy with us because we saved them so much money due to not having to install more systems than was necessary.”

“On a scale of 1 to 10, this easily came out a 10” raves Scott. “The young homeowners had the system all summer last year and said it worked perfectly, and they're incredibly happy with it. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome.”