Borducci Wine Cellar (Bronxville, NY)


When Peter Borducci of Bronxville, NY decided that he wanted a wine cellar in his 1900 Victorian style home, he knew it wouldn’t be an easy task. With the basement in his home totally finished, there wasn’t any room to accommodate a 400 square foot wine cellar. The only solution Mr. Borducci had was to utilize the space underneath his front porch, with access from his basement. Once the plans were laid out, another problem surfaced: how to keep the cellar at a constant 55-60 degrees.


To solve this problem, Mr. Borducci didn’t have to look very far. Previously, Mr. Borducci had a Unico System installed in his home by Matt & Mike Carlo at Innovative Air Solutions. Mr. Borducci knew that the small size and great performance of The Unico System would be exactly what he needed to keep his wine at just the right temperatures. During the construction of the wine cellar, Mr. Borducci worked closely with Zack and Johanna of Malpa Construction, who has also worked with Matt & Mike Carlo for the last 10 years. As a team they designed the HVAC system so that it didn’t take away from the rustic, Old Italian feel that the wine cellar possessed.

Due to the relatively small square footage, Matt and Mike installed a Unico 1218 unit with hot water coil and have a total of 14 outlets. All of these components are connected to a Trenton condensing unit that is placed outside. This unit is a medium
temperature commercial grade condensing unit that has head pressure controls enabling it to move at least 300 CFM per ton with the Unico fan coil. Matt & Mike used white slotted outlets to blend into the arched ceilings.


The system has been running for over a year and has been working great. “The wine is just where it needs to be and we’re very happy with how everything turned out”, raves Mr. Borducci. The Unico system gave Mr. Borducci the ability to cool the wine cellar even though there was too little space for any other HVAC system. It’s because of this, coupled with the fact that the outlets are easily hidden that The Unico System is becoming the system of choice for these types of applications.