Carlos Home (Larchmont, NY)


Larchmont, NY is a very small village just northeast of New York City. This historic community is home to many older homes. Common in homes like this, air conditioning is provided via unsightly window units, which detract from the otherwise beautiful exterior. Because of this, and the fact that the homeowners were already renovating the home, they decided on upgrading to central heating and air conditioning. The general contractor referred the owners to Matt and Mike Carlo of Innovative Air Solutions, one of the premier contractors of the Unico System.


In homes built before air conditioning was standard, and before energy concerns were prevalent in homes, they were built with little space inside the wall cavities which made installation of traditional central air conditioning difficult. The Unico System, however, makes it far easier due to it’s small duct size and modular units. Our supply tubing easily fits in between walls and our plenum is 1/3 the size of traditional plenum, making installations like this far easier for contractors like Matt and Mike.

For this particular installation, Matt and Mike decided on two zones. Each zone utilizes a Unico 3642 (3.5— 4 ton) air handler, each paired with hydronic coils. Both systems are then connected to Trane condensing units.

Another feature that makes the Unico System stand out from other central air conditioning systems is the ability to blend in. Our outlets, round or slotted, come in a large variety of woods and other colors to better match interior decors, especially in older homes such as this. As you can see from the pictures, Matt and Mike utilized our slotted outlets and they blend in seamlessly with the wood flooring.


The homeowners are very pleased with the installation. They were able to finally get the central air conditioning for their home and did not have to modify the interior to fit large ducts. They also didn’t need to use big, ugly registers and instead have outlets that fit right into the interior. The owners praise Matt and Mike for a great installation, stating “They were very professional and great to work with.”