Choice Clothing Store (London, England)

In the retail world, attractive merchandising and an inviting customer environment are considered essential to sales success. Contractor J C Watson has been responsible for helping to create exactly the right in-store environment for a chain of high quality designer clothes outlets, Choice. At their Canary Wharf outlet in the Jubilee Place Mall, this forward thinking contractor installed a Unico System mini-duct high performance central cooling system.

The Solution

This Unico System provides air conditioning and comfort to the store visitor, counteracting the heat generated by the in-store lighting scheme, which is designed to display the merchandise as attractively and effectively as possible. A presentation by Unico System convinced the contractor that ceiling cassette air conditioning was not the ideal solution for this high quality retail outlet. Noisy operation and an unsightly box on the ceiling would have been two major disadvantages. Instead, the only evidence of the Unico System installation are small, virtually unnoticeable slotted outlets on the ceiling.

The Benefits

The Unico System fully integrates with the overall interior design concept of the store and is virtually silent in operation. It provides draught free air conditioning at a consistent, even level, using the building's chilled water infrastructure that was already in place. No condensers are required and air is simply pulled across the system's chilled water coil. This has a surface area greater than that of conventional systems resulting in a greater reduction in humidity when cooling, leading to greater comfort and improved efficiency.