Confetti School of Recording Technology (Nottingham, England)

The highly successful Confetti School of Recording Technology in Nottingham provides Sound Engineering, Sound and Moving-Image Technology courses. Confetti features 20 recording studios that provide a range of different environments for programming, editing, sound mixing and recording. Confetti's directors have now all relocated to a massive 14 metres x 10 metres open plan loft-style space which has 3 metres vaulted ceilings and features a spectacular mezzanine floor. Heating and air conditioning this new office space became the challenge of Jackson Refrigeration.

The Solution

Having assessed the requirements of the installation and the available options, Dave Jackson had no hesitation in proposing the installation of a Unico System heat pump mini-duct heating and cooling system. The unusual shape of the office, its high vaulted roof and mezzanine infrastructure meant that alternative methods of heating and cooling were totally unsuitable.

The Benefits

One of the Unico System's main advantages is its virtually silent operation which was vital to the recording studio environment. With the unusual shape of the office space, cold spots would have been unavoidable with conventional radiators. With cassette air conditioning, placement of the boxes on walls and ceilings in the most suitable positions would have been impossible without creating draughts.The Unico System guarantees no draughts, providing totally uniform air distribution and minimal temperature variations throughout the whole area.