Cooper Home (Scarsdale, NY)


As the owners of this 1920’s colonial were remodeling their basement to turn it into a playroom, they decided that it was also time to upgrade the air conditioning as well. They were tired of using the window units left by the old owners. They wanted central air conditioning without having to add soffits or drop ceilings either. Most conventional systems would require this, but Scott Kelly of Sunrise Heating and Cooling had the solution—The Unico System. It has the ability to snake through existing walls and crawlspaces, which makes it a great fit for all projects.


The homeowners also wanted Scott to zone the system as well. Because of this, Scott installed the Green Series due to it’s ease of use, efficiency, and it’s ability to zone. For the first floor, Scott used a 3.5 ton Unico Green Series which he installed in the unfinished part of the basement. He then split the entire level into two separate zones.

The second story was a little more challenging because the attic was completely finished, however, because he used The Unico System, Scott was able to fit the units and the plenum through the eaves on each side, ensuring everything was hidden. Due to this floor being so tight and small, Scott used Unico’s 2.5” supply duct. This enabled him to use less duct, yet achieve the required CFM.


The owners are ecstatic about the installation. They were able to get central air conditioning all over their home and got rid of the unsightly window units inherited when they bought the house. They also didn’t have to lose any ceiling space or damage any of the original interior. The Unico System was crucial in making sure the homeowners were completely satisfied.