Residential Application (Bakersfield, CA)

The Job Site:

In the desert communities of central California, the days can be extremely hot and the nights noticeably cool. In an upscale neighborhood in Bakersfield, new construction for a custom-built home was underway. To compensate for the extreme temperatures, the heating and cooling systems would need to be state-of-the-art, offer efficiency and not detract from the appeal of the luxury home.


How To Provide Adequate Airflow Throughout The Massive
Home and Maintain Aesthetic Appeal?

Prior to installing a heating and cooling system, Star Temp HVAC/R performed a complete Heat Load/Loss Calculation and duct design. Based on the results, Star Temp recommended that the new system be designed with two zones to increase efficiency. One zone for the kitchen and living room areas would operate during the day, the other zone for the bedrooms would run at night. Posing a challenge in the design of the system, the bedrooms in the massive single-story 5,400-square-foot structure were not grouped together. Because of the “U” shape of the bedrooms' locations, the system would require very long duct runs. In addition to operating efficiency and state-of-the-art comfort, a main concern for the homeowners was maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the French architecture. Registers used with conventional systems were considered unsightly.


The Unico System Makes Night and Day Difference

While Gabriel Cioffi, owner of Star Temp, had never used the Unico System, he knew the challenges of the job could not be met by a conventional system. The Unico System’s flexible mini-ducts made the long runs to the bedroom locations easy to install and provided adequate airflow to serve the remote locations.
Fifty 5" diameter round outlets were installed in the home's ceilings, providing a superior solution to maintaining the French architecture of the interiors. Night and day, the state-of-the-art performance of the Unico System made all the difference in providing superb comfort to this custom home installation.

Equipment Used:

(2) 5-ton Unico System Straight Cooling Units, CosmosGas Water Heater with Unico Hot Water Coils, (2) Honeywell Electric Water Valves, (2) Honeywell Digital Programmable Thermostats, (2) York 12 S.E.E.R Stellar Condensing Units