Dairy Barn Home (Cincinnati, OH)


The Unico System was chosen for its versatility of installation. The project was complex in its installation due to virtually no space for traditional duct work. The homeowner wanted to have the advantage of a system that could deliver fantastic results for both heating and cooling, with little or no aesthetic effect on the home’s interior.


Jamie Gerdsen, of Apollo Heating and Cooling in Cincinnati, points out: “We were able to achieve all aspects of the project without any interruption to the home’s overall look and feel.” The homeowner also commented he is paying nearly 50% less on utilities than in his other house.

The overall square footage on this house is about 15,000 sq. ft. The house was originally used as a dairy barn, with 3 additional outbuildings sitting on nearly 7 acres. The property also features a 2000 sq. ft. conservatory, a 2000 sq. ft. guest house and a 1000+ sq. ft. building that is now used as a studio.