Donahue Home (Hanover, NH)


When the Donahue’s decided that they were going to put an additional 650 sq. ft. living room off of the back of their beautiful home in Hanover, NH, they assumed they would use mini split systems like they had in the rest of their home. When they contacted Eugene Boisvert Plumbing & Heating to do the work, Eugene Boisvert suggested that they use The Unico System. Apprehensive at first, Gene showed them the system and the owners were immediately impressed with its look and performance. It was quickly decided that Unico was the way to go.


Eugene Boisvert Plumbing & Heating originally suggested The Unico System because the high cathedral ceilings in the new living room left little or no room for conventional ductwork. Also, because sunlight shines directly into the room, the potential for extreme heat gain was an issue. With a mini split system, the Donahue's would have needed a couple of wall units to cool the space and that would have taken up valuable wall space. To combat these problems, Gene and his team installed a 2-ton Unico blower and A/C coil. The 2-ton system efficiently and effortlessly cools the entire space. With 12 outlets, which are barely visible high in the ceiling, the comfort is felt but not seen or heard.


The owners have been very happy with their Unico System. With such a beautiful living room, it’s important that the HVAC is an afterthought and not noticed and The Unico System has accomplished just that. “We love that we never see or even hear the system. It’s been fantastic and we’re very happy with our decision.”