English Garden Style Manor (Spring Lake, NJ)


When the new owners had the chance to purchase this historic 120 year old English Garden Style Manor house they knew that it was going to be a lot of work to upgrade the condition of the home. While the exterior stucco was in relatively good shape considering its age, the interior of the home, as well as the existing mechanical system, had deteriorated beyond simple repair. Because of this, the owners were planning a large interior renovation project that included replacing the windows & doors, waterproofing the exterior of the home, as well as completely replacing the old worn out mechanical system.

The owners brought in architect Tom Degnan, with Degnan Design Group, to oversee the project. Tom’s firm has successfully completed many historic renovation projects and is quite knowledgeable with this particular type of historic home. The owners told him that they wanted to keep as much of the original architecture as possible. But, as part of the renovation project, the owners wanted to upgrade their central HVAC system. Due to the very steep, sloped roofline of the home, Tom knew using a traditional system would require modifications to the original structure, something the homeowners didn’t want to do. Not only that, but the owners didn't want to see large, intrusive registers in their newly renovated home.


Tom had a solution though. He had previously used The Unico System in several other historic projects with great success so he suggested using it in this home too. Because of his expertise with Unico in historic homes, the owners
went with Tom’s suggestion. Tom asked Lou DeFalco, with C&C Air Conditioning and Heating, to design and install the entire system.

Lou and his team have installed many Unico Systems and have also worked with Tom before. Tom raves about Lou and Unico. “Degnan Design Group has specified Unico on more than 4 projects, all of which were installed by C&C with excellent performance as well as efficiency.” After Lou had looked over the home and calculated the final heating and cooling requirement, he determined that a 3.5 ton system would perform admirably for the 3600 sq. ft. home.

Lou and his team installed a 3.5 ton Unico System heat pump and hot water coil, all of which are out of sight in the lower mechanical room. Lou also color matched the Unico outlets to blend them into the interior of the home.


Because of The Unico System, the owners were able to install an energy efficient central HVAC system in their historic home without destroying the original architecture, which is exactly what they wanted. When asked what the owners thought of the install Tom said, “The owners are very pleased.”

Tom also had this to say about Unico — “The Unico System performed exceptionally well in another location which experiences high temperature and humidity conditions from July through October. And the heating system worked well during the January through March time period when the temperature often does not get above 20 degrees for months at a time with a foot of snow on the ground.”