Fiore Home (Scarsdale, NY)


When the owners of this 1,700 sq. ft. home in Scarsdale, NY decided that they were tired of their unsightly window units, they contacted Sila Heating & Air Conditioning to come up with a central HVAC solution. They were tired of seeing the units hanging out of their home, creating drafts, and being costly to run during the hot, steamy summer months. Because they were past service customers of Sila Heating & Air Conditioning, they knew the outstanding work that they did and brought them in to help them out.


When the owners were talking with Sila Heating & Air Conditioning about their needs, they made it known what they wanted—a central cooling solution that would be the least intrusive to their home, yet provide excellent performance while remaining cost effective. Because Sila Heating & Air Conditioning has years of experience with this sort of application, they suggested The Unico System. When the owners heard that this was the system that would let them keep most of their interior space and keep them comfortable, they were ecstatic for Sila Heating & Air Conditioning to start the installation.

Bryan Smith was the lead installing contractor for the job and it was up to him to design the system. Bryan calculated the load to be 4 tons so he utilized a Unico 4860 air handler and coil to take care of the cooling needs.

The Unico System was also designed using a total of 24 outlets throughout the home and is used with a Lennox 13 SEER outdoor condensing unit.


The system has only been installed for a month and the weather in Scarsdale hasn’t been hot enough to run the system for a lengthy period of time, but the owners were impressed by the look of the system. They’re going to be happy about their energy bills over the summer too. This is because The Unico System will run much more efficiently than the 6 window units, which will provide them relief in the pocketbook as well. “We’re so happy to have finally got rid of the window units and can’t wait to finally run the system. We’re also impressed with the work and professionalism that Sila Heating & Air Conditioning has shown throughout the installation.”