Hall Residence (Waccabuc, NY)


Waccabuc, NY. is a very quaint hamlet (too small to even be considered a village) located just a couple of miles from the Connecticut border and about 50 miles from New York City. Since the 18th century and until about the 1960’s, mostly one family, The Meads, lived here. The Meads’ made a fortune in real estate and railroad development. In fact, one of the Meads’ private residences became the golf course country club in 1912 and is still there today.

With many colonial style homes and farmhouses it is still a quiet getaway for many wealthy people seeking solace in a very serene environment. But, because most of the homes here are quite old, several are still without air conditioning. Because of this, the Hall family contacted Scott Kelly with Sunrise Heating and Cooling out of Yonkers, NY for help.


The owners wanted to preserve the historic feel of the house, yet add the modern comfort of central air conditioning. The home was built in 1812 and has very little space to add conventional ductwork. Because the owners were looking for historic preservation, Scott told them about The Unico System. With it’s ability to snake through almost any wall, the installers wouldn't have to install soffits to hide the ductwork as they would with a conventional system.

Scott installed two systems in the Hall residence. For the size of the house, it was figured that 8 tons of cooling would suffice, so Scott installed Unico MB3642L+CB and a MB4860L+CB. These are Unico 3 and 5 ton units, respectively, and includes Unico’s Advanced Control Board for extra control of the units.


When a home has stood for virtually 200 years you want to keep as much of the historic ambience as possible. But, at the same time, homeowners want the modern conveniences such as air conditioning. The Unico System made it possible for the Hall family to keep the old world charm of their home, yet finally be able to be comfortable as well. The homeowner had this to say about her Unico System and Scott Kelly, “We are more than pleased with the system. Every time I open the door from the outside, I get a big smile on my face and feeling of relief! Why didn't we do it sooner? Scott, thank you for taking care of all of our whims and problems with such graciousness - very professional!”