Historic Cape Home (Mt. Kisco, NY)


A quiet community in Westchester County, NY, Mount Kisco has about 10,000 residents and about 4,000 homes. A lot of these are older, historic Cape homes too. This means that there is little attic space available for not only ductwork, but the actual system as well. So, when the homeowners decided to add a new central air conditioning system, the installing contractor was going to have a bit of a challenge.


Scott Kelly with Sunrise Heating & Cooling was brought in for the job. Scott has plenty of experience with these types of installations and his product of choice was The Unico System.

For this job, Scott used a Unico 2.5 ton system, which included the Unico blower with the Unico Advanced Control Board and matching coil. Using this system allows a little more flexibility for zoning, which is something the homeowners wanted. Scott made it so that each floor is a zone. He also made it possible for the homeowners to have portable control of their zones by using a thermostat controller. No matter where the homeowners are in the home, they have full control of the system and can turn off the bottom floor if they aren't down there, and can do the same for the top floor.

Scott also used 2.5” outlets, which reduced the overall number used by approximately 20%. Scott commented on the outlets saying, “The 2.5” ducts really helped deliver the target CFM needed on this 2.5 ton whole house system.”


The homeowners are very happy with the system. “It works great… And of course it helps save energy.” By utilizing The Unico System, Scott was able to fit the system in the very small space above the eve in the attic and provide great comfort and convenience for the homeowners. With other systems, this would not have been possible without other interior modifications.