Industry 80 Hair Salon (Tuckahoe, NY)


This former train substation in Tuckahoe, NY has undergone a remarkable transformation. At over 100 years old it sits across the street from the very train station it used to service, which is now known as the Tuckahoe Metro-North train station.

The building has seen many changes over the years, but none as drastic as the recent renovation that made it a modern, energy efficient building with space available for many different tenants. One of those tenants includes the Industry 80 hair salon which is an upscale salon that, like the rest of the building has a very contemporary feel to it. Because of this, the building owner wanted an HVAC system that could not only give him the right look, but be energy efficient as well.


Because he had already heard of The Unico system, he asked Matt and Mike Carlo of Innovative Air Solutions to do the installation. The hair salon utilized two Unico 2430 (2.5 ton) blowers with Advanced Control Board and hot water coils matched to Trane condensing units. Since the hair salon is very contemporary, Matt and Mike installed the Unico system with UPC-101's used with exposed metal spiral duct. UPC-101's are kits that enable Unico outlets to come straight off of the plenum as shown. The plenum is ran around the perimeter throughout the salon for maximum comfort.


The results are spectacular. What was once an old, dilapidated part of the train station is now a high end salon catering to all types of clientele. The building owner, and the owners of the salon, Dominic Greco Trupia and Geo Greco Trupia, love the look of the ductwork and outlets, but more importantly, they love the comfort enjoyed by their customers and employees, provided by The Unico System.