Lake Michigan Home (Chicago, IL)


The Northern suburbs of Chicago are known for many things—beautiful views of Lake Michigan, Sheridan road, scenic drives on Saturday afternoons, and the stately homes that were built centuries ago, that stand tall, strong, but without any way to keep them cool in the dog days of the Chicago Summer. The Unico System has been a staple in this area of Chicago for over 25 years, with homeowners asking for THE system that can cool these large homes and do it without sacrificing the architectural integrity these homes have come to be known for.


John Lettner, owner of Pure Air Heating and Air Conditioning, has been in the HVAC business most of his life. He has sold, installed, and serviced hundreds of Unico Small-Duct Systems in his day and has come to be a loyal customer of Unico and their commitment to both him as a contractor and the HVAC trade as a whole. John is that rare contractor who is both passionate about what he does and careful in the way that he does it. He prides himself on being “out front” when it comes to new products and innovative solutions in the HVAC business.

Last fall, while attending a Unico Training Seminar, John learned about the new “Unico Green Series”. John is no stranger to how effective variable speed blower technology can be in improving a home's comfort and efficiency. John had been servicing a Tudor home in the North Shore for some time with two older small-duct systems and the time for replacement was soon approaching, so John suggested upgrading to the Unico Green Series.

After meeting with the homeowners, and discussing the project with his supplier, Able Distributors, and their design team, John tackled the project. As with any new mechanical system or technology, John was expecting some bumps in the road but this time he was surprised, in a pleasant way. John and his crew loved the idea of actually dialing in the Unico System, using their laptops and Unico’s software to deliver the exact CFM to every outlet in the house, making it quiet, and extremely efficient.


The homeowner was promised a system that would change the way he felt about small-duct air conditioning, and he was not disappointed. After living with the upgraded Unico Green Series on the third floor for one month, the homeowner called John back asking when his team could come back and replace the system on the second floor… he didn’t have to ask twice.

New installation or retrofit application, The Green Series by Unico is the answer to today's HVAC needs.