Lancaster Gate Apartments (London, England)

Developer ISIS International has installed twenty one Unico System mini-duct high performance central cooling and heating systems at new luxury apartments in Lancaster Gate, London. This is a high profile development with apartments expected to sell at the higher end of the London market.

The Solution

The Unico System delivers both heating and air conditioning through small unobtrusive outlets at ceiling level. The whole system operates from a heat pump and overall it delivers 3kw of energy for every 1kw input, making it extremely energy efficient. To provide both air conditioning and heating using a heat pump as the source, the Unico System features a heat pump coil. Air is pulled across the coils to provide either cool or warm air. Each apartment has its own system, whilst some of the larger apartments have two.

The Benefits

ISIS is offering top quality apartments with a combined heating/air conditioning system unlike any other in terms of aesthetics, energy efficiency and achieving precisely the desired comfort levels. There is less than 2°C, temperature difference from ceiling to floor level in a typical household room. Walls and floors are free from radiators and cooling appliances, providing a high degree of interior design flexibility.


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