Lattis Home (Yorktown Heights, NY)


Recent empty nesters, the owners of this large home in Yorktown Heights, NY. were looking to upgrade their heating and cooling system. Because there is only two of them though, they didn't want a system that would continuously heat and cool all over the house, especially because most of the time they’re using just half the house. After many unsuccessful bids from other contractors for conventional equipment, Sunrise Heating and Cooling came in with a different option—The Unico System.


With zoning being an important feature of this installation, Scott Kelly with Sunrise knew this was the perfect situation for the Unico System Green Series. The owners wanted as little equipment running through the house as possible. Because of this, Scott used just one 5 ton unit for the entire home. He also used Unico 2.5” outlets (to get the most with less out of his design,) which equates to about 20% less than he would have normally installed.

Using the Unico System also made it much easier to cool the homes great room that has 28 ft. ceilings.

The Green Series was used with a 16 SEER condensing unit. This means greater efficiency to go along with the superior performance of the Green Series. Scott used Honeywell zoning dampers to make the two zones in the house. In fact, this was Sunrise Heating’s first single system zoning job simply because of the Green Series’ excellent zoning capabilities made it so easy. By using a laptop attached to the Green Series S.M.A.R.T. control board, Scott was able to completely customize the CFM output for what the homeowners wanted.


The homeowners are ecstatic with their system. They were able to get the zoned system that they were looking for and they also got it from the least invasive system possible. Had they went with two systems, the homeowners would have had a larger investment as well as had to add soffits to their basement. The Unico system gave them everything they wanted and they went on to say "I could not be happier with the new air conditioning system and the excellent work by Sunrise. The small vents do not detract from anything architecturally and the performance is exactly as desired. Sunrise was excellent as well. They were professional, quiet, efficient and made no mess at all. Scott Kelly, worked with me all the way through the project and did an outstanding job getting me just what we needed for the residence. Other contractors who have completed other kinds of jobs all commented on the professional look space saving layout of the Unico system."