Leddy Center (Epping, NH)


The Leddy Center, in Epping, NH had it's first show in 1975 to raise enough money to purchase heat oil for their boiler, so that the churchgoers could have their services in the sanctuary rather than the basement. From then on, the church choir director had shows every year in order to raise money for other non-profit organizations throughout the community. The structure was two stories, with the second story owned by different owners. Once the church choir began using the second floor permanently, they started doing more shows and even teaching fine arts classes before the building was ultimately sold in 2008. The new owners decided to relocate the theater to a larger more modern facility about a mile away. Boasting better parking and a larger stage and seating, the theater had an upgraded HVAC system installed, by Jeff Brideau of Intelligent Heat and Power.


Jeff's recommendation was to install The Unico System, and pair it with a geothermal system. This was to offset the oil costs which, in this new facility, were estimated to be more than $5,000 per year. It would also save about 30% over conventional on the A/C costs as well. Because the old HVAC units were built into the structure, taking them out would've been costly so it was decided that they would stay. This created a space issue, although that made it an even easier choice for the contractor to choose The Unico System. Because of the small diameter of the main trunks, Intelligent Heat and Power was able to run them along each of the catwalks, something not able to be done with the conventional equipment. This greatly improved the access to the catwalks. And because of the modular construction of Unico air handlers, the team was able to carry each piece of the four 4860 blowers and coils through the very small access hatch without any problems. In fact, the crew had to completely disassemble the ERV units in order to get them through the same access hatch.

The Geothermal system is unique as well. Typically there isn't enough open land to install horizontal loops in New England. On this particular lot though there was plenty of room so that's exactly what they installed, which helped installation costs on the Geothermal system. Jeff and his team installed 4 Florida Heat Pump Geothermal condensers, which then connect to the Unico Systems.

All of the zoning is completely custom too. There are two air handlers dedicated to the seating area and are designated as stage 1. The remaining two air handlers serve multiple zones as well. The first air handler is for the performance area of the stage, however, should the seating area require more air, then some air is diverted away from the performance area to the seating area. The second air handler works the same way. It is designed for the small offices above the stage, but if need be, it can be diverted to the seating area also.


The system has been installed since September 2009 and according to Jeff Brideau, "...the system performs admirably." Now the owners don't have to worry about excessive heating and cooling costs and can now enjoy simply putting on a show.