Marcora Home (Rye, NY)


The owners of this 1920’s Tudor style home moved in early in 2010. Later that year, they suffered through a long scorching summer with no air conditioning. Vowing not to go through that again, they contacted Scott Kelly with Sunrise Heating & Cooling to come and provide them with some relief.

Due to the style of this home though, the space in the attic for an air conditioning unit was just 30”. This isn't a lot of room for most units, but Scott knew of one that would be able to fit with little trouble—The Unico System. This is due to the fact that The Unico System only needs about 2 feet of clearance, which made it the obvious choice.


The owners were also looking for an energy efficient system, which made Scotts decision even easier. He knows of the excellent benefits associated with Unico’s Green Series product line. This is why he installed two Unico M2430BL1-EC2 blowers, which feature true variable motors. The blowers are paired with Unico MC2430CX cooling coils and an MV2430, which allows the unit to be positioned in a vertical configuration. The Green Series also gives the contractor full control of the systems CFM in either cooling or heating for the best efficiency possible.

In the future, the owners have plans to upgrade the heat, so Scott also installed Unico MH2430HW hot water coils that are combined with a 90% efficient boiler for maximum efficiency. Also, Scott used 2.5” duct on the second floor in order to achieve more CFM for the required cooling. Another benefit for the homeowners was being able to design the ductwork in their basement to eliminate any large soffits and keep their future finished basement/playroom/home theatre's ceiling clean and free of any additional construction.


The owners are grateful for their new Unico System. It fit where not many other units would, which ensured that they won’t have to deal with not having air conditioning during the summer months. And once they decide to upgrade their heat, they will gain a lot of additional floor space from removing the old steam radiators. With all of this, plus the great efficiency, Scott Kelly and The Unico System provided them with everything they were looking for.

The homeowner had this to say in particular about Scott and Sunrise Heating & Cooling. "When we bought our 1929 Tudor almost two years ago, my architect Shawn Pierson had initially recommended Scott Kelly. I felt compelled to do my own research and looked into various companies to install air conditioning. I met with five different companies--three traditional and two high velocity companies. I was completely impressed with Scott Kelly and his team at Sunrise Heating & Cooling. He was the only person who thought about our current and long term needs during the installation. It was very clear that he had my family's best interest in mind during the whole process. I completely trust Scott. I am extremely satisfied with his work and we had a much better summer this year because we were all so cool!! Additionally, I have confidence that should there ever be a problem, his company will be around to help service any of my HVAC needs. I continue to highly recommend Scott Kelly to all of my friends."