Mayo Mechanical (Laguna Beach, CA)


A contractor out of Laguna Beach, CA., Dave Mayo has been putting in Unico Systems for nearly 25 years. Trying to stay comfortable was never an issue until his office started to suffer in the warm California air. The office that keeps the day to day operations going for Dave was becoming to hot for his employees to remain productive. It became apparent that Dave needed to take action. He knew that The Unico System would be his answer.


The facility is not very big, in fact, it's only 1200 sq. ft., but with this being an area for design work and office administration, among other things, whatever system was put in had to get the job done. Dave decided on a Unico 1218 heat pump to take on the load. With the heat pump, Dave is able to not only cool the facility, but heat if he needs to as well. Dave made sure there were plenty of outlets in his design. He installed 14 outlets, both standard and slotted. All of this is mated to a Carrier condensing unit.


While the system was just installed, Dave is very happy with his installation. "I've put in many Unico Systems, so there's no doubt that this will take care of our offices. I'm very pleased with Unico."