Moderelli Home (Shelter Island, NY)


Situated about 100 miles from New York City, Shelter Island, NY certainly lives up to its namesake. With the luxurious Hamptons to the south and the rural North Fork to the north, more than a third of the island has been set up as a Nature Preserve, effectively sheltering the island from the hectic lifestyle that can easily be found on Long Island.

Because of all the tranquility found out here, the home owners chose this location as their summer home. However, they were growing tired of heat stopping them from fully enjoying their summers so they decided to add central air conditioning. Their main home, found just outside the Bronx in Pelham, NY, already has a Unico System. And because the home owners love the size, performance and efficiency of their current Unico System, they wanted another one in their summer home.


Matt and Mike Carlo of Innovative Air Solutions were the ones who installed the system in the owners first home. The homeowners already know the outstanding work the Carlo brothers do so they contacted them again. Matt and Mike were happy to help, even though it’s a little farther than they normally travel. Getting to Shelter Island is a strategy in itself. After a 2.5 hour drive, the crew then had to take a 20 minute ferry to get onto the island.

Upon arrival, Innovative Air knew a conventional system was out of the question. Not only did the homeowners want the Unico System, but there was little room for conventional equipment without the interior undergoing major modifications.

With a total of 1800 sq ft., the home is not particularly big, yet still required about 3.5 tons of cooling. To satisfy the load Matt and Mike used a Unico 3642 series air handler, which includes a 3.5 ton blower and coil used with a Unico Advanced Control board. This ensures optimal efficiency and control of the unit. The Unico unit is paired with a 3.5 ton Carrier suit case style condensing unit as well as a Honeywell thermostat.


The system was installed in early July, 2010, just before the oppressive summer heat blanketed the region. Because the homeowners already enjoy the comfort of The Unico System in their current home, there is no doubt that the owners will love this system as well and will finally be able to fully enjoy their summers on Shelter Island.