Modern Home (Chevy Chase, MD)


Chevy Chase, Md., is a small, comfortable community known for its traditional colonial homes. One new resident decided to take a different approach, building a modern home that features a combination of stone, glass and copper. Though the house is an astonishing 6,500 square feet, there was very limited space in the yard, which prevented the installation of the five traditional condensing units that would have been necessary to cool the large home. To meet the demands of the residents while accommodating the limited outside space, Dan Foley of Foley Mechanical recommended installing two UniChillers.


Foley began by installing a traditional duct system in the interior of the home, along with five indoor air handlers. The size of the home dictated the usage of commercial grade handlers in conjunction with the traditional duct system. Other features typically used in a commercial application include a four-pipe system, staging controls, indirect DHW, steam humidifiers and ECM motors. The system would have required five exterior traditional condensers, and the space available would not accommodate them.

Foley considered the property line, which sat only 5 feet away from the home, and determined the best solution would be two UniChillers, which are tall and narrow and have the capacity to perform the same duties as five traditional condensing systems. These UniChillers were then connected to the commercial air handlers to feed the traditional duct system. Foley was able to stage the chillers for peak efficiency during light and heavy loads and take advantage of the principle of diversity loading.


The efficiency, comfort, size and, most of all, adaptability of the UniChiller RC provided the perfect solution for this modern home in the midst of a traditional neighborhood. It is an excellent example of how The Unico System can be applied with a traditional system to solve a design issue.