Olsen Home (Larchmont, NY)


Larchmont, NY is a small, quiet town that sits about 15 miles from midtown Manhattan and overlooks the Long Island Sound. Not long ago, Larchmont was named the 11th best place to live in the US. This quaint neighborhood has plenty of history, which means plenty of older, historic homes such as this one. And like many other historic homes, this one was without air conditioning. That’s why the owner contacted Matt Carlo of Innovative Air Solutions out of nearby Bronxville, NY for a solution.


Being a Unico Product Trained Contractor, Matt Carlo is well schooled when it comes to Unico. He spoke with the homeowner about how good The Unico System is with efficiency and it’s unparalleled ability to save space as well as the interiors of older homes. The owner agreed and Matt got to work.

After calculating the load of the home it was decided that a 3 ton Unico 3642 Green Series air handler would be the best option. The Green Series utilizes a true variable speed E.C. motor, and coupled with the S.M.A.R.T. control board provide the contractor with unrivaled control of the unit, and the homeowner with excellent energy efficiency and superior indoor air quality. When asked what he thinks of the Green Series, Matt said, “We love working with it. It makes things much easier, plus you can work with all the settings right from your laptop.”

Matt installed the system in the attic and ran a lot of the supply runs through closets due to lack of space between the walls and floors. (see below picture) Matt used a total of 24 outlets for the system which will no doubt keep the system whisper quiet. The system is also paired with a Trane condensing unit.


Even though the system was just installed, it’s not far-fetched to believe that the homeowner will be in love with his new air conditioning system. It not only saved a large majority of the home’s interior, but they will benefit from energy savings as well. And because Innovative Air Solutions installed the system, the owner should have peace of mind that the installation was done correctly and the unit will run trouble free for years to come.