Orrin Hoadley House (Branford, CT)


A carefully preserved gem in the heart of Branford, CT, this 270 year old home has certainly stood the test of time. Built before the civil war and nearly 40 years before the signing of The Declaration of Independence, this home is an excellent example of the great workmanship found in early eighteenth century architecture.

While the house has been restored several times, it is apparent that great care was taken to preserve the original architecture. Exterior changes include an addition to the rear of the home, a two car garage and the original exterior has been restored as well. Ultimately though, the home largely remains as it was over 200 years ago.


Although the home is registered with the National Register of Historic Places, it is now owned by private owners. This means comfort becomes a concern and while the owners wanted central air conditioning for their master suite area, they didn’t want to disrupt the home’s original integrity. After searching online for something that would not damage the interior, yet keep them comfortable and all the while delivering the highest efficiency possible, it was decided that The Unico System was the right fit.

Matt and Mike Carlo of Innovative Air Solutions came up with the design of the installation. It was decided that they would install a Unico 1218 for the master suite and a Unico 2430 for the other bedroom area. Because efficiency was a concern, both Unico air handlers include the Advanced Control Board.

Matt and Mike installed a total of 29 outlets, with 11 in the master suite and 18 in the remaining bedroom areas. This will not only ensure total comfort, but bring noise levels to virtually zero. All of the Unico components have been matched to two Trane outdoor condensing units.


Although they have yet to complete their first season with the new system, the homeowners are already happy with the results they’ve seen. “We’re very happy that The Unico System was able to be installed with minimal impact on our home.” Now, 270 years later, this relic finally has the upgrades it needs to be not just a historic house, but a historic home.