Oxford Home (New Rochelle, NY)


While undergoing a complete kitchen remodel, the owners of this 1920s Colonial home were looking for central air conditioning too. But to do this, according to many conventional installers, would require large amounts of demolition as well as losing valuable closet space. After hearing these proposals and feeling the homeowners despair over thinking they would have to demolish their home, the General Contractor brought up a system that may be able to help them, and even knew of a contractor who specialized in small-duct, high-velocity installations.


Of course the general contractor was talking about The Unico System, and Scott Kelly of Sunrise Heating & Cooling. This wasn’t an easy installation though, even for The Unico System. The attic was completely finished, and even though there were eves on either side it still made it difficult to get ducts from one side to another. Scott decided to transition the 7" round duct into rectangular duct and ran it through the 3rd floor stairwell. Even though it did have to be dry walled, it was still quite hidden and left very little impact on the home’s interior. This enabled Scott to achieve a full perimeter loop, allowing them to condition the second and third floors efficiently.

Another area of concern was the kitchen. The homeowner stated that the kitchen was an area that was the most important to keep cool. The problem was that the kitchen was directly above the garage and conventional duct would not have been able to get around the structure for the garage opener without demolition of the plaster ceiling. The Unico System made this problem irrelevant as Scott and his team were able to easily snake the Unico ducts right through the floor to where they needed them in the kitchen.

For this project, Scott used a Unico 2 ton system as well as a 3 ton system both with an Advanced Control Board. He used a vertical module as well which helped fit the first floor unit into a corner which was the size of a small closet.


The homeowners are ecstatic. Not only did they get the kitchen they were after, but they also got a central heating and air conditioning system that didn't require them to have very much additional construction. Considering what they were originally told, one soffit in the stairwell is not a problem at all and they couldn't be happier with the installation.