R.E. Michel Co. (Richmond, VA)


Being a distributor of various HVAC products, the R.E. Michel Co. needs to be certain that their employees are comfortable while they work. Perhaps more importantly, they need their customers to be comfortable when they come to visit their stores. That's why before they opened their brand new 15,000 sq ft counter and showroom in Richmond, VA., in 1999, they chose to have the Unico System installed. With the help of Bill Joyner, of Mechanical Technology, R.E. Michel was able to accomplish this task.


With such an open floor plan in the facility, it made sense to hang the unit and ductwork from the ceiling. By doing this, they could arrange the duct work into a simple perimeter loop pattern and hang the ducts wide enough to maximize the comfort. Due to this design and the remarkable ability of humidity removal from The Unico System, the contractor only installed a 5-ton system. The entire 15,000 square foot warehouse was cooled with just one 5 ton Unico System. Putting this in perspective, a typical 2500 sq. ft home with 8' ceilings requires a 5 ton system. Only when outside temperatures exceeded 90 did the system have any problems keeping up with the load. Because of this, 3 years later, they decided to add another 5 ton system to supplement the first. Branch Manager, Donnie Leake said, "It's unbelievable that just 5 tons of Unico could cool this facility. We were in awe of what it was accomplishing."


Nearly 10 years later, the system is still running like the day it was installed. Donnie adds, "It's just an awesome system that does such a great job with humidity removal, as seen in our case. I'm a true believer in this product."