Residential Application (Glencoe, IL)

In the North Shore suburb of Glencoe, Ill., the Rochman family made the decision to ensure that the breathtaking chill outside didn't invade their new 5,600 square-foot home. Three years ago, the early 20th century home was completely rebuilt in a classic Victorian style. From heightened walls to a vaulted foyer ceiling, no detail was overlooked. But at the same time, this attention to detail limited the amount of space needed to install a conventional heating system. In addition, stairwell soffits that usually hide the extensive ductwork a conventional heating unit demands were excluded, creating a real problem.

Adam Henrich of Unique Indoor Comfort had the answer. Adam knew that the Unico System compact profile and flexibility make it able to take up only one-tenth of the space that a conventional heating system would require. Not only that, but Adam, who has worked with the Unico System for many years, was able to guarantee unvarying temperature, within two degrees of the desired climate, throughout the house. This is a guarantee that is almost unheard of in the heating business,
especially for a house of this size.

"[The Unico System] is one of the few systems that you actually know how it will perform," Adam said. "And the installation time is cut in half over a conventional HVAC unit."

The first step was planning installation. Adam said the most time-consuming part of the process was working with the architects prior to tile installation of the Unico System. Unique Indoor Comfort worked closely with architects and decisions were made on outlet placements and duct positioning, along with the number of units and general specifications that are needed to adequately heat the home.

"Even that process is made much easier due to the flexibility and ability of the Unico System, as a whole, to fit in the tightest of spaces," Adam said. Because of the size of the house. Adam decided a zoned system would be appropriate to control the climates of the two separate areas; both controlled by one Unico unit. In addition, a radiant floor heating system was installed above the sub-floor to heat the surface of the home. Both the main heating unit and the radiant floor heating system are controlled by one 320,000 BTU Boiler, along with two 5-ton Unico System units and one 3-ton unit. Each of the 5-ton units control airflow to the second floor bedroom level and most of the first floor, respectively. The remaining 3-ton unit governs the temperature in the kitchen. family room and recreation area. But with any job, there are destined to be unique challenges that can test even the most experienced installation crew. Yet, Henrich and his team from Unique Indoor Comfort found that a Unico Heating System often diminishes the number of obstacles.

"The biggest challenge was to try and maintain the architectural integrity of the house," he said. "But the design and function of the Unico System made it possible to hide all ductwork neatly and easily. After the initial planning, there was little
left to do other than to install the units and lay the trunk lines." After the last vent was positioned and the final thermostat
was set, the weather outside remained bitterly cold. But in the end, the Rochman's and Unico formed a coalition against the Chicago chill that relentlessly failed to penetrate their home all winter long.