Residential Application (Mesa, AZ)

In August of 1997, Dr. and Mrs. Burton Marcus contacted Unico, Inc. to request that the Unico System be installed in their new winter residence to be built in Mesa, AZ. Dr. and Mrs. Marcus, residents of Columbia County, NY, had installed the Unico System in their home there some five years prior and having been impressed with the superior comfort provided by the system, had insisted that it also be used for their new custom crafted home.

The 2,800 square foot flat roofed, Santa Fe style residence features a finished stucco exterior and an interior highlighted by rough-hewn timber, for a classic, rugged look. Conventional HVAC systems would have detracted from the beauty of this structure due to the need to construct soffits and other routing areas for ductwork, but the flexible Unico System tubing was able to weave through existing design-included “dead” spaces and fit the home like a glove.

An installation in a home of this caliber requires the work of a contractor of equal caliber, and that’s why Unico tapped Bryce Johnson and Rod Wilke of Air Conditioning By Jay for the job. Air Conditioning By Jay is a nationally recognized HVAC contractor that specializes in custom installations, but this was their first experience in dealing with the Unico System. Steve Intagliata of Unico, who has installed over 1,000 Unico Systems, assisted Bryce, Rod, and their crew with their introduction to the system.

Because of the overall size of the home and its use of large open areas, Steve and Bryce agreed that it would be best to install two separate Unico Systems to ensure complete indoor comfort. A 21/2-ton system was installed to handle the private living area consisting of the main bedroom, main bath, office and exercise room, while a 4 ton system was used for the common living area which includes the entryway, two guest bedrooms, a guest bath, kitchen and great room. Both Unico air handlers and heat pump coils were installed in two mechanical areas specifically designed for the home. The 7” round main trunk lines were both installed in the “dead” space between the ceiling and the roof. Fifteen outlets supply air to the private living area and twenty-five furnish the common living area.

Although erroneously thought by many to be only an air conditioning system, the Marcus’ know through their New York home that the Unico System is perfect for heating as well as cooling. Two Lennox Model 12HPB-30 and Model 12HPB-48 heat pump/condensers (supplied by Dave Dobbins of Lennox Industries, Phoenix) are being used in conjunction with the Unico air handlers and coils to provide total indoor comfort throughout the desert’s hot days and cold nights.

Dr. Marcus has worked hard to make this home a true show place that will include stables, lush desert landscaping, a swimming pool with a waterfall and sand beach, and an 8-person hot tub on the roof. It is part of a high-end, custom built development located near award-winning golf courses in the Red Mountain area of Mesa. Unico is proud to play a part in this effort to create a unique and truly original habitat, and this home is further proof that the Unico System is not just for older homes but is the perfect inclusion in custom-crafted home design.