Riverview Funeral Home (Troy, NY)

As you walk from the first floor of the funeral home to the second floor living area, a definite temperature change is evident… and it has nothing to do with ghosts.

The Riverview Funeral Home in Troy, New York was suffering from both poor heating and cooling conditions. Hot spots and cold spots marked the funeral home, and spatial problems did not allow the option of a traditional heating system.

Mike Hovan, owner of Riverview Funeral Home, called Ed Bishop at Advanced Heating Concepts to replace air conditioning condensers in Spring 1998. But after visiting the funeral home, Ed found several additional problems, including an Inadequate cooling system with poor air distribution, an oversized gas-fired furnace, a 70 year old boiler in need of repair, an unheated vestibule causing ice-cold tile floors on the second floor, inadequate ductwork, and a noisy heating system.

In the 1.800 square foot, two-story funeral home, a window air conditioner and an electric heating system were utilized to heat and cool the first floor. However, in the small vestibule on the first floor, there was not any established ductwork for heat. Which meant a very cold vestibule, in addition to ice-cold tile floors on the second floor. The air distribution was poor, and there were often hot and cold spots throughout the funeral home.

"There were space limitations with installing a conventional heating system. Heating pipes were in the way, and there was not any ductwork in the vestibule," Ed said. "Revamping the current ductwork would have been an extensive project."

With the small, compact Unico Heating System, Ed was able to snake the 2" diameter ductwork through a small amount of space without disturbing anything in the home.

"The crawlspace in the funeral home would have been a nightmare with a conventional system." Ed said. "But with Unico, the process was simple."

Ed replaced the gas-fired furnace, and boiler with a five ton Unico Chilled Water Heating System that could both heat and cool the funeral home, with one system. There are two coils, one for heating and one for cooling, in the system which can heat or cool the water. Air is then drawn across the coils, blown through the diffuser and into the home. This creates an even temperature throughout the funeral home, with a guaranteed temperature variation of 2° or less. As an added benefit the Unico System also removes up to 30% more moisture than conventional systems because its coils are colder than conventional coils. And on top of that, the noisy system problem was solved because the Unico supply tubing is lined with sound dampening, spun-bond nylon, unlike the conventional system.

With the Unico installation, the number of burners was reduced from two to one which saved both money and maintenance time for Mike. As an additional bonus, because the aging boiler was replaced with the Unlco System, Mike was able to save $500 a year on insurance premiums.

Advanced Heating Concepts has had so much success with the Unico System that the company chooses to work only with the Unico System.

"We walk away from conventional ductwork jobs," Ed said. "We've worked with the Unico System for the past two years, and we're trying to educate builders about the advantages of the Unico System."