Roxbury Condominiums (Los Angeles, CA)


A short walk to Beverly Hills and Century City, The Roxbury Condominiums have just opened in West Los Angeles, CA. These high end condos cater to the rich and famous, promising 5 star hotel treatment such as concierge service that greets you daily, a garden court-yard, and even a complete gym among other amenities. The interiors are outfitted with hardwood floors, stainless steel and granite fireplaces, as well as slab granite and marble countertops. Every interior door is Italian Milano and includes glass inserts for a more modern appeal. Every opportunity was taken to ensure that every need or want had been taken care of, and the heating and air conditioning were no exception.


The original plans for the condos included using conven-tional soffit mounted heat pump split systems for the air conditioning. This meant that the ceilings for the first floor condos would be approximately 10-12 inches lower than originally planned, proving unacceptable to the developers. That's why Unico Trained contractor Al Lasry, of Climate Control, was brought in for a second opinion. Al suggested utilizing The Unico System, which can fit in much smaller spaces than traditional HVAC systems. In conjunction with the Unico representative, Al Racal, they worked closely with the Mechanical Engineer in charge of the design and got the plans approved to use The Unico System in the first floor condos.

It was decided that a total of 9 Unico 4860 heat pump units would be used to heat and cool the condos. Each Unico unit is matched to an Amana 410A 4-ton outdoor unit. Each condo has 26 outlets strategically placed high in the ceilings and walls to make certain that comfort is felt, but not seen or heard.


The development owners agent has stated that they are extremely pleased at how the non soffited foyers and other high ceiling areas were preserved due to The Unico Systems small plenum and ducts. In a high end residence such as this, it is essential that every detail is taken into consideration, including the HVAC system. Because of The Unico System, the developers didn't have to compromise with lower ceilings in order to fit in the HVAC system. Most important, the end user is kept comfortable with a premier HVAC solution—The Unico System.