Shawnee Home (Scarsdale, NY)


This 1920’s Tudor home in Scarsdale, NY was equipped with an oil fired hot water heating system with cast iron radiators and no air conditioning. The young owners of this home wanted to add air conditioning and replace the old, worn out heating products with new, high efficiency products. They were also quite interested in better indoor air quality, and because this is an older home, preserving interior décor was also crucial to the installation. Installer Scott Kelly of Sunrise Heating & Cooling went with the obvious choice—The Unico System.


With the owners looking for greater efficiencies, Scott chose a 95% efficient hot water boiler. This particular boiler heats very efficiently because it uses outdoor temperatures, which can equate to lower water temperatures, and the Unico System is the only system that can still operate efficiently with lower water temperatures. Scott installed two Unico Systems, one is a three ton and the other is a five ton, both of which are Green Series.

Scott also installed these systems using Unico’s 2.5” supply duct and outlets. The home has a large family room which Scott said was difficult to heat and cool because of the historical value of the original timber beams. The 2.5” duct allowed Scott to get the CFM (cubic feet per minute) needed for the room by using less outlets. Scott was also able to install a couple of outlets high in the kitchen walls which keeps the airflow away from the traffic areas of the kitchen, while still conditioning the space. These particular ducts were ran from the basement trunk line, up through the wall and then finally terminating in the wall, showing the versatility of The Unico System.

The homeowners also had worries about the indoor air quality, which Scott addressed. With The Unico System’s high velocity air stream, it makes it very difficult for dust to accumulate in the ducts, thus increasing the quality of air, especially when used with a good filter. Scott also installed a humidification system, further increasing the air quality.


The homeowners now have a completely conditioned home, from the kitchen to the garage, complete with high indoor air quality that gives which gives them peace of mind knowing they won’t have to worry about dust and other particulates. The Unico System also made it possible for the homeowners to get the comfort of central heating and air conditioning without damaging the historic look and feel of their home.