Shipwrights Drive Residence (Benfleet, Essex)

When interior designer Steven Thorne created the high end refurbishment for his client, he wanted to provide them with the ultimate in comfort whilst blending in perfectly with his exquisite designs. New Unico System Green Series Air Handler has been installed in the Media Room, Lounge and Orangery at this luxurious home.

The Solution

The Unico System delivers both heating and air conditioning through small unobtrusive outlets at high level. The Media Room, Lounge and Orangery each has its own dedicated systems allowing simultaneous heating and cooling throughout. The new Green Series air handler with variable air speeds controlled through the Crestron home automation system allow the client to adjust the airflow to his exact requirements.

The Benefits

The whole system operates from Daikin Inverter condensing units and it delivers 3kw of energy for every 1kw input, making it extremely energy efficient. (This is generally referred to as a COP of 3:1) The Unico System also fully integrates with the overall interior design concept and is extremely quiet in operation. One of the main advantages on this project is the ability to heat and cool the Orangery without big unsightly air conditioning units or radiators on display.