Stinson Beach Library (Marin, CA)

A small-town public library located in a quiet, coastal resort village just 30 minutes north of San Francisco. The climate is damp, with cool evening breezes and ocean fog adding to the humidity of warm, sunny days.

The moisture and a greatly deficient airflow in the library had caused severe damage to its collection of books. Shelves upon shelves of written works were literally coming apart at the seams.

The Challenge

How To Increase Air Circulation Without Decreasing Library Circulation?

Several engineers and architects called in for the library's recent renovations had agreed: a strong boost in airflow would significantly improve the situation. Yet, this posed obvious problems. In a library, silence is golden and comfort is key. How could the circulation be increased dramatically without creating both noise and unwanted drafts and chills on the readers?

Adding to this dilemma, the building was designed with a flat roof. Without attic space, it was impossible to install a duct system out of view. If the ductwork were dropped, exposing it below the ceiling in front of the bookcases and art displays, the solution would be unsightly and a further deterrent to readers.

The Solution

Unico System Becomes New Bestseller

The Unico System's unique flexible mini-duct system allowed architects to design shallow roof soffits to completely encase the ductwork without compromising the limited space. Expertly designed to absorb sound, the mini-ducts provide quiet airflow. Although air flows at a higher concentration, the system's five-inch outer diameter round outlets positioned in the ceilings offer a low-impact presence.

The mechanical equipment of the Unico System, much smaller than conventional systems, is conveniently tucked away in a corner storage closet (an MB 2436 was installed). Because air is designed to pass directly over the evaporator coils at a colder temperature compared to conventional systems, the Unico System removes 30% more moisture in the cooling mode.

A system so flexible it fits anywhere, totally draft-free even temperatures, dramatically reduced humidity - and library-quiet performance. Installing the Unico System is always a possibility.