The Danish School


This beautiful historic structure was originally built in 1799 and commissioned by the King of Denmark in 1840 as a free school for children. It remained active as a school until the 1970’s, when it was, as architect Bill Taylor states, “brutally renovated” and turned into offices. It was used until 1989 when it was nearly completely destroyed by Hurricane Hugo. It then sat vacant and in total disrepair for nearly 15 years. After several attempts, it was finally saved by the St. Croix Landmark Society and Bill Taylor, an architect on the island, was brought in to do a full restoration.


There were many parts to this restoration, with one of the requirements being that it have air conditioning installed. As a member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a partner of Unico, Bill had heard of the Unico System before, so the decision was an easy one. Working closely with Unico representative, Eduardo Oyarce, they developed a game plan for what they would need.

The approximate area is 4,900 square feet and with the high humidity and heat, 20 tons of air conditioning was needed. Bill and Eduardo decided they would go with four 5-ton Unico units, and utilized the 4860+CB. This gave them more control over the unit and airflow. The blowers were paired with chilled water coils that are connected to roof mounted chillers. There are a total of 140 outlets for optimum air flow and a very low noise level.


Since the project was completed in 2008, the system has been great. The building is now being used as the Governors office. What is now a busy hub for many different people, it’s interesting to think not long ago this historic monument was nearly lost completely to nature and time… something this building has seen it’s share of.