Trumble Residence (Belle Isle, FL)


When Jacqueline Trumble started remodeling her house, Unico System was at the top of the list of choices for her new air conditioning system. She had to consider flexibility, efficiency and in-door air quality all in one single system. Her residence is a split open space design, 69% glass construction for a total of 7600 sq.ft. under air conditioning. She was attracted by the sleek design, yet inconspicuous outlets, the ability to maximize the height of the ceiling by utilizing 2" duct runs and overall higher comfort.


The fact that these two buildings were constructed separately, at different times and on different levels, without the idea of ever being hooked together or interconnected presented the biggest challenge to the contractor. Mrs. Trumble had to find a way to marry all these different buildings together into one state-of- the-art, code-compliant building, while preserving their architectural and historical integrity. That required cooperation and flexibility on the part of the HVAC contractor.

To ensure flexibility, Mrs. Trumble adopted a design build approach to the project. That’s where flexibility on the part of Tom Morrell, of Coolray Heat & Air, was critical. During the planning phase, high priority was given to the type of SDHV—a small duct high velocity system that would service the building. Mrs. Trumble decided to go with Unico System DX for maximum flexibility. Unico provided an efficient way to zone the project, in effect, providing independent control with individual HVAC systems.

Coolray Heat & Air installed five Unico System heating and cooling units, ranging in cooling capacity from two to five tons. “Mrs. Trumble needed to know we were going to put equipment up in the attic that we could rely on to operate for quite some time”, says Tom Morrell of Coolray.


Unico System units serve conditioned air to the building through 500 feet of 9.5 by 9.5 square ductwork. Snaking that ductwork throughout the complex was the challenge for Coolray Heat & Air, who used 128 slotted outlets with twelve foot long tubes. Unico Inc. laid out and designed the ductwork, making sure there were plenty of supplies and returns and looking at the spacing of the grills so there wouldn’t be drafts on space. The open entrance and the glass walls challenged the ability to do that, as did historical and structural issues. Where ductwork could be concealed, it was concealed, disappearing into soffits.