Whipple Home (Bronxville, NY)


The historic town of Bronxville, NY is filled with old town homes such as the one above. People love quaint homes like these. The problem is that a lot of these homes still don’t have central air conditioning.

But, that problem finally came to an end for this homeowner after seeing an ad for The Unico System in a mailer. After doing some more research online, she called in Innovative Air Solutions, who are located in Bronxville, to come in and help her out.


Matt and Mike Carlo came out to assess the situation. The owner was complaining of very high heating bills and wanted central air conditioning, but didn't want to sacrifice much room as there was little closet or attic space . The owner decided that The Unico System was the way to go. To upgrade the heating situation, Innovative installed a Unico System Green Series and heat pump. With this system, the owner will also be able to cool the home during the summer as well. And because a Unico Green Series was used, the homeowner will have a much more efficient system.

After figuring out the load calculations, a 3 ton system made the most sense. They paired the Green Series with a Trane outdoor unit. They also used 7 outlets per ton, ensuring great comfort in all seasons as well as making sure the system will be whisper quiet.


The homeowner will be very happy with her Unico System. Not only does she finally have central air conditioning that’s very efficient, the home didn't have to lose any of it’s historic ambience by installing soffits or drop ceilings.