Wierenga Residence (Hastings on Hudson, NY)


This home, located in the Westchester County town of Hastings on Hudson, used to have conventional air conditioning. It also had an old and inefficient boiler that ran old radiators throughout the home. The homeowner was tired of high heating bills and wanted to upgrade the old system with something more efficient, yet didn't want to sacrifice any more room. After seeing a mailer ad for The Unico System they called up Innovative Air Solutions to see what they could do.


Matt and Mike Carlo knew what The Unico System could do for this home. With minimal closet and attic space, and not much room in the finished basement, Unico was the obvious answer. They started by tearing out all of the old equipment. This included two zones of conventional AC, the old boilers and all of the radiators.

After the old equipment had been removed, Matt and Mike installed two 2 1/2 ton Unico air handlers with advanced control boards, which are paired with hydronic coils. This will be much more efficient than the old boilers and radiators. The homeowner wanted to keep the same zones so Matt and Mike utilized Arzel zoning dampers in the plenum to control the zones. The second floor is one zone and the third floor is another. With the house zoned, this gives the homeowner maximum control of their comfort and also helps with efficiency.


Because of The Unico System, the homeowner will be able to enjoy lower utility bills and great comfort. Couple that with Unico’s small ducts, and they have a system that they’ll barely even notice.