The Unico System Featured on The Build Show Network’s Building on an Island

Building on an Island, a new series on The Build Show Network, explores the challenges of building a custom-built home in a remote location. The Unico System has been selected as the heating and cooling system for the beautiful home on Block Island, 12 miles off the New England coast. With a tight deadline and significant supply restrictions (everything must arrive by ferry), The Unico System’s compact size and reliable, quality design will be essential to making this dream home a reality. Custom home builders expect the highest quality standard from their supplier partners, which The Unico System delivers.

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The Unico System is Customizable

Custom builders don’t need to compromise their design with The Unico System. The modular air handler unit can fit into a small space or attic. Custom builders don’t need to allow much space for the HVAC unit and can maximize the living space inside the home.


Unobtrusive Small Ducts

The Unico System has a unique HVAC system design composed of insulated small ducts, which can be hidden in the walls without adding bulkiness, keeping the interior design aesthetic. Unico’s small ducts are also known as sound attenuator ducts due to the sound deadening properties of the insulation, making the system whisper-quiet while operating.

Small Components with High Performance

Unico is a high velocity air system. It’s made of flexible, insulated ducts that can be threaded through the walls and ceilings of existing designs. The greater airflow allows air supply tubing to be available in 2-inch to 2.5-inch interior diameters, with insulation that absorbs any vibration while in operation.

The air handler unit has a modular HVAC system design, allowing custom builders to select suitable options for their projects. Unico also offers high filtration and venting systems for fresher, cleaner air and UV light options to kill bacteria and viruses to protect the home.

Unlike conventional HVAC or mini-split systems, which have large vents or wall units, Unico’s air outlets are 2 to 2.5 inches in diameter. Unico outlets can be customized with the color and finish of the surrounding material, complementing the aesthetic of custom-built homes with wood or metal finishes or customized to any color.

Quick Installation

Building on an Island will explore the challenges of a custom-built home in a remote location. But spending time on HVAC installation isn’t one of them with Unico.

Unico’s Twist-Fit System™ uses lock-and-release tabs that click into place and ensure an airtight fit. This makes installation a snap, and you’ll know the connection is secure. All Twist-Fit supply tubing comes with couplings already attached, reducing assembly time.

Unico Design Service

We work with custom builders by supplying free system design services. Designers can submit their plans, and our team will customize the HVAC system design. The design includes a complete materials list. Every system is customized to its unique project, so custom builders don’t need to be concerned about the HVAC system requirements when creating a client’s dream home.

Learn more about Unico’s Design Services here.


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