Considering central heating and cooling for your home?


The latest building software approved by the California Energy Commission (CEC) - Title 24-2019 - now includes small duct high velocity (SDHV) HVAC as an option. This updated code also clarifies the energy efficiency requirement for these products. Please note that SDHV systems have a lower rated equipment efficiency value compared to a traditional ducted system when using the same outdoor unit. However, SDHV ducts experience less leakage (virtually none) or thermal loss, so the increased duct efficiency more than offsets lower equipment efficiency in most homes. You then get all the comfort advantages of the SDHV air distribution system.

We recommend that you integrate SDHV systems into the initial design of the home or building. If you already have a design using traditional ducted units, you may need to take a look at just a few aspects of the home design to meet the same Title 24 score. Usually this is done by upgrading the windows or the insulation R-factor in the walls.

We offer a complimentary duct design that can guide you in purchasing a properly sized system for your home with the correct number of air outlets. A CEC special inspector trained to perform independent energy efficiency levels and a contractor can assist you with these new Title 24 requirements.

To learn more about adding the Unico System to your home, contact us today!

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