Does your Unico System need an upgrade?

If you would like to increase efficiency and performance of your Unico System, now is the time to upgrade. Over the past several years, our engineers have made several improvements that will provide you with a more comfortable environment and make your system perform better.

  • Our variable speed motor options are quieter and can run at a higher RPM than our single speed motor
  • Variable speed motors run at a constant airflow, adjusting the speed of the motor to control airflow and maintain a more economical performance
  • Replacing an older cooling coil will not only refresh your system, but is also environmentally friendly with the use of a new refrigerant
  • Add a zone damper system to keep temperatures more consistent throughout the rooms in your home and decrease “air pockets”
  • Add deflectors to the outlets if you’ve rearranged your room since installing your system

Our UniConcierge agents can assist you in locating a Unico Preferred Contractor in your area to get your project started before the summer sun starts to sizzle. Call (800) 527-0896 or email us with any questions you have.