Free Custom Design Services

If you have a project that needs design assistance, we offer a free service which includes a Duct Design and an estimated Materials list. All you need to do is submit your plans and our Design team will contact you for more information.

In order to streamline your request, we have a Web-based form to expedite your request.

Upon submittal of the Load Calculation Design Form, an e-mail defining the case number for your project will be sent to you. Below are just a few samples of Unico System Duct Design Project deliverables that you can expect to receive once the design has been completed:

Upload Drawings 

Plans submitted for Unico Duct Design & Layout are preferred to be received electronically. This allows a quicker turnaround time on your duct design project. Plan drawings are accepted in the following formats:

AutoCAD: preferred format: each floor on a separate file; an elevation view; and a window schedule

PDF: same as AutoCAD submission above

WrightSoft files: entire file

In addition, a room-by-room heat loss/heat gain calculation is required for our designs (see Load Calculation Design Form below)

If opting to send hard-copies of your drawings, please mail to:

Unico System Duct Design Services
Attn: Victor Carroll
1120 Intagliata Drive
Arnold, MO 63010 

Unico, Inc. reserves the right to use our design of your plans in our marketing materials. Unico makes no claims that the information given to us is correct or complete. It is the responsibility of the installing contractor, design, design engineer, or architect to verify the design conditions and performance. Thank you for your support.


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