Consider Your HVAC This Energy Efficiency Day!


This Friday is Energy Efficiency Day, and Unico is proud to join other organizations and businesses around the country in raising awareness about the important benefits of energy conservation.

Each year, heating and cooling systems account for more than half of the energy consumption within an average home. Homeowners who chose energy-efficient HVAC solutions can see dramatic reductions on their monthly utility bills.

In fact, those who choose The Unico System can realize even further cost savings by taking advantage of energy rebates available through hundreds of utility companies and local governments.

Why is The Unico System considered by energy providers to operate more efficiently than other types of home heating and cooling systems? It turns out the same features that make it quieter than most conventional systems while taking up less space, also add up to great energy savings:

  • Insulated ducting: The leaky, metal ducts of traditional forced-air systems can reduce energy efficiency by as much as 40 percent. The Unico System’s flexible supply tubing is made with nylon and wrapped with vacuum-sealed insulation proven to achieve near zero-percent leakage.


  • Innovative design: The efficient design of The Unico System’s cooling coils can provide up to 30 percent greater humidity removal than traditional systems. This means homeowners can set their thermostats higher on hot and humid days and still feel cool and comfortable.


  • Full inverter technology: Inverter technology, matched inside and out, means The Unico System is programmed to use only the energy needed in the moment. On a mild day, when a home needs just 10 percent of a unit’s capacity for comfort, The Unico System runs at only 10 percent, compared to other units that run at full capacity.


  • Simple installation: The Unico System is the only unit to operate at nearly zero-percent thermal loss, out of the box, with no complicated sealing or fabrication required.

This Energy Efficiency Day, we celebrate those who have chosen The Unico System to help them lower their energy consumption and encourage homeowners everywhere to take a closer look at their HVAC systems.

See why green builders have selected The Unico System for more LEED Platinum Homes than any other HVAC product on the market.

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