National Trust for Historic Preservation Cites Unico for Preventing Mold


Mold Today, Gone Tomorrow: 6 Budget-Friendly Tips for Mold Removal and Prevention

Published: July 27, 2017
By: Carson Bear

Summertime often spells disaster for old homes and historic properties. Higher humidity levels that warp walls and floors are also the perfect breeding conditions for everyone’s least favorite invasive species—mold. Mold is often difficult to remove and prevent, especially in older homes where maintaining historic integrity makes large renovation projects more complex.

Since the possibility of mold is often a part of life for owners of older homes, the National Trust is collaborating with Unico—maker of The Unico System small-duct central heating and cooling solution, and a fifteen-year corporate partner of the National Trust—to provide money-saving tips for mold prevention and removal.

Mold spores thrive in dark, damp spaces—think basements, bathrooms, and kitchens—and can spread easily throughout entire homes. To stop mold in its tracks, homeowners should try to remove the conditions that help it survive.

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